President Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero

Jackson: Zero for killing the National Bank

President Andrew Jackson has killed the National Bank by vetoing the bill that was going to re-allow the National Bank. He also hired and fired many secretaries of treasure to get one to take out the state bank deposits and to redistribute them to state banks. If National Banks actually helped the economy then Jackson hurt the economy by killing the National Bank.

Jackson: Zero for the Trail of Tears and the Worchester v Gerogia case

During the court case Worchester v Georgia it was ruled that the Cherokee were their own people and that Georgia could not interfere with them. Even though it was ruled that the Cherokee were their own people Jackson still forced the Cherokee on reservations in Oklahoma. Many Cherokee died and this was called the Trail of Tears.

Jackson: Zero for the Spoils System

During Jackson's presidency he also gave some of his supporters jobs in his cabinet even though they may not have been qualified. It is also bad because having a cabinet that supports you all the time isn't good.

Jackson Political Cartoon

This political cartoon shows Jackson killing the monster which represents the National Bank.