Bad water


Cholera is caused by a bacteria called Vibrio Cholerae


Cholera can be spread via human feces which is then expelled into water and used by someone else. It has also been found among Fruits and vegetables along with raw or under cooked seafood.


The symptoms begin with just vomiting and nausea, but over time it increases to intense vomiting, diarrhea, clammy withered skin, muscle cramps, and serious thirst.


The way to prevent Cholera is very simple, there just needs to be clean water and adequate sanitation. This would work because that is the way it is out commonly spread, through dirty water. The real problem is that the countries that suffer from it the most don't have the money make it possible.


People who live in places where fecal and water contamination occur are especially at risk. Also if there is a lot of street vending you are especially at risk.


There are shots available for Cholera, but they only shorten the length of time one would suffer from diarrhea. Otherwise if Cholera is in it early stages it can be cured by fulfilling vey basic hygiene needs along with restorations of fluids and electrolytes.


In 2007 4,031 deaths were reported. While treatment does affect after prognosis health officials say that the best method of ending the Cholera epidemic by providing water, electrolytes, and basic hygiene needs in great abundance to the affected countries.

Current events/outbreaks

A 2010 Haiti Outbreak infects 3,000 and kills 250. Nigeria suffers an outbreak in 2010 that 38,00 and killed 1,500
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