The open land

Whats are Grasslands ?

Grasslands are the areas on earth dominated by grass and land roaming animals. Grasslands have very few trees if any, it mostly open land. There are two types of grasslands and they are Temperate and Tropical.

Temperate Grasslands


  • Temperate Grasslands have a wild range of temperatures. In the summer it can reach will over 100 degrees fahrenheit. But winters in the Temperate can reach as low as -40 degrees fahrenheit.


  • There is not a lot of diversity as far as animals species in the grasslands Bison,Prairie Dogs,Wolves and Ferrets are some of the few. But there is a abundance of those animals in the grasslands.

  • Grass is the dominant vegetation in the grasslands. But there are some trees that grow in the grasslands and they are Cottonwoods,Oaks,and Willows. Also there are some small flowers and they are Aster,Blazing stars, and Clovers.

Tropical Grasslands


  • Tropical Grasslands are hot year around and usually never drops below 64 degrees fahrenheit. Tropical Grassland are dry but they do have month where they receive a lot of rain. On average the Tropical Grasslands receive about 20 to 50 inches of rain a year.