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Whole Body Solution
ORAC Value

What is an antioxidant?

The prefix “anti” means against, in opposition to, or corrective in nature. In order to understand antioxidants, it helps to learn what exactly these agents oppose and correct.

Oxidants, commonly known as “free radicals” are also introduced through external sources such as exposure to the sun or pollution. Other mediums include stress, as well as things that people put into their bodies, such as alcoholic beverages, unhealthy foods and cigarette smoke.

In much the same way as oxidation creates rust, causing a breakdown on the surface of inanimate objects, oxidation inside the body causes a breakdown of cells. Free radicals produced by this breakdown attack healthy cells, usually DNA as well as proteins and fats. This chain of events weakens immunological functions as well as speeding up the aging process, and is also linked to several diseases such as cataracts, various forms of cancer, and heart disease. Some studies indicate possible links to arthritis and several other chronic conditions.

Antioxidants, or anti-oxidation agents, reduce the effect of dangerous oxidants by binding together with these harmful molecules and decreasing their destructive power. Antioxidants can also help repair damage already sustained be cells.

In the US, we are introduced to 300 new toxins every month. This can be in food we eat or drink or in the environment in which we live and breathe. Antioxidants enter the body as we consume plant based food, (vegetables and fruits). The best source of antioxidants comes from raw uncooked food as cooking mostly destroys antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables grown non-organically often carry more toxins than what they can remove. The average American diet requires a level of 3,000 to 5,000 antioxidants daily to only maintain the current level of toxicity. Sadly, most Americans consume less than 1,000 everyday. As a society we are becoming more toxic every day and with every generation.

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So hears the Deal.

Increasingly researchers are finding links between inflammation and many of the most common medical conditions in the world, and as we age, the risks increase. Although inflammation is a natural part of the body’s defense system against infection, allergens, toxins and other irritants, sometimes the natural balance is disrupted by too much sugar, animal fats, processed foods, lack of exercise, environmental toxins, stress and any number of other factors tied to our diets and lifestyle, and the inflammation spreads systemically throughout the body! Untreated, it can destroy your health.

Fortunately, you can take proactive steps to address this problem. Our medical research team at Youshi Guo is well aware of the damaging effects of inflammation on our bodies and our health, and for this reason has included in our YG Exotic Blend five of the most powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients available on the planet. Acai, Bilberry, Mangosteen, Goji, and Noni. Just three ounces of a day of the YG Blend can dramatically reduce inflammation, and combined with good food choices and exercise, gives you a powerful weapon to combat this enemy.

Mark Hyman, M.D., bestselling author of Ultraprevention and Ultrametabolism, summarizes:

  • Inflammation is connected to every major health threat we face today, including obesity.
  • You can reverse these processes by adjusting your diet and your lifestyle.
  • Eat foods that reduce inflammation and avoid those that cause it.
  • Use herbs and high quality supplements to further reduce your inflammation.

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YG Exotic Blend improves the efficiency of your body. The vitamins and nutrients aid in faster healing due to procedures and injury. This also benefits athletes in fast recovery time from workouts with less discomfort. The iodine provided by a small amount of Kelp provides energy to improve Thyroid performance. Many Americans suffer from energy drops especially in the afternoon due to iodine deficiencies. YG Exotic Blend provides for all day long energy without the use of harmful over the counter energy supplements.

I started using Youshi Guo approximately 3 months ago. I work-out in the gym on a regular basis and I have seen a real increase in my muscle growth. I’ve even had people in the gym ask me if I was doing a cycle of steroids. I just tell them, “No…it’s the Youshi Guo!”

I have been drinking the YG Blend for 4 months. After drinking Youshi Guo for about 2 weeks the inflammation and pain in my right shoulder subsided. Later, I learned that certain activity(such as tilling the garden) which before YG would traumatize my fingers, didn’t irritate them at all. I have also noticed a huge difference in my stamina and endurance. Over the past few years after working hard for 4-6 hours I was pretty much worn-out for the day. Back in late June in 90 degree temperatures I would work in my garden from 6am until noon, rest a few hours then go back and work 3-4 more hours. Last thing, I’ve noticed I sleep better.

Prior to drinking YG Blend, I was drained of energy and not wanting to do things I needed to do. Now I feel great and I do things I need to do without a second thought.

I’m a restaurant manager and I spend a lot of hours on my feet. Since I have been drinking the YG Blend, I’ve been less tired and my soreness has been a lot less.

I have restless sleeping habits and no energy. Youshi Guo has given me more energy and I sleep much better.

I was tired all the time. Now that I drink Youshi Guo, I have more energy and stamina. It has also increased my appetite.

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