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The decision about the use of a channel is taken from the base station. The starting point for the 802. 22 standard was the proposal made by the FCC in May 2004, as bands unlicensed to tamil fm channel operate within the emission bands TV without interfering with the machinery of law, which we called main (as TV receivers). The standard was issued by IEEE 802. 22 WG under the name (or simply 802. 22) networks Want, in November 2004, having as main objective the implementation and development of wireless interfaces based on Cognitive Radio technology. Who are entitled to operate in the bands used by secondary users; sharing of spectrum, in a dynamic manner (DSS) CR equipment must be aware of the existence and other equipment to be able to coexist and multi tamil fm channel channel operations on the spectrum such as splice channels.
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Is a network type PMP (Point to multi point), in which there is a base station called BS (Base Station) in the role of manager of its own cells as well as on equipment CPE (Consumer Premise Equipment) associated. Standard requires that all the online tamil radio devices are in a fixed location, and to incorporate GPS devices; before transmitting data, each client (CPE), it must locate the correct tamil fm channel position and then associate with BS. 802. 22 network presents a spectral efficiency within 0.5 bit/ sec/ Hz bits/ sec/ Hz. Considering an average DE3 bit/ sec/ Hz, this corresponds to a rate of 18Mbps on a TV channel DE6 Mhz. 802.
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Physical layer (PHY) should provide flexibility in terms of modulation and coding. However, when designing PHY level, it is essential TPC control transmit power and agility in frequency. OFDMA meets all these requirements, QPSK modulation schemes being used, 16QAM, 64QAM with 1/2 coding rate convolution, 3/4, 2/3. One of the basic features of the physical layer is dynamic channel bonding, which allows the network to use multiple 802. 22 channels available online tamil radio through annexation. There are two channels coupling schemes: one for neighboring channels (contiguous channel) and another channel that is not bordered (non contiguous channel). MAC sub layer is dynamic, allowing it to respond quickly to environmental changes.
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There are two primary structures that make up the MAC sub layer: Superframe structure (super frame) and Frame online tamil radio structure (frame). Super frame the channel transmitted by the BS shall start with a preamble, and a SCH Control Header (Super frame Control Header), followed by 16 MAC frames. SCH contains information such as which channels are used, what time will we free channels, support for adaptive antenna systems. During each MAC frame, the base station is coordinating the operations of the upstream (UP) and the downstream (DS), which may include normal data transfer, measurement activities, coexistence procedures. To avoid interference observation is required spectrum and processing online tamil radio information to determine the status of a channel. The most common approach for detecting signals in the presence of noise is based on measurements of the signal energy. It can be applied to any type of signal and requires minimal information about signal including only bandwidth and carrier frequency.
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It is also possible to use statistical signal processing techniques for recognition of characteristics present in the signals modulated on the online tamil radio basis of property. The idea of coexistence with other radio interface technologies is critical to 802. 22. CPE equipment is necessary for each to hold two separate antennas (both MAC and PHY under control of the same): a unidirectional antenna (for communication with BS) and one unidirectional (sensing). CBP Protocol (Coexistence Beacon Protocol) enables CPEs and BS to send beacons signaling (beacons) that 802. 22 realization coexistence among overlapping cells. Cognitive Radio technology was defined as having the following features: dynamic spectrum access (DSA) CR equipment we mean the ability to quickly detect and correct the online tamil radio presence of main users.