written by Vidya and photography by Shritan


Elevations of the Earth's surface that have more distinct summits than mountains.

characteristics of hills

Hills have low height and are grassy,have rounded tops,and not as tall as mountains.Unlike mountains,hills aren't formed by earthquakes and are formed by volcanoes.Volcanoes form hills when they erupt. During the eruption, volcanic ash is spewed through the air; after the eruption, the lava or molten rock hardens and builds up a thick layer of lava rock.

picture of hill{formed and fun facts}

Hills might be found in your backyard and are formed by volcanoes. Here is the picture of a big hill.
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Where hills are

Hills are found in Dallas and Frisco.
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Look up!

Above is a picture of a BIG hill.

Are hills found in Texas?

Yes and we also see them in the state of North Carolina.

All landforms found in Texas




Some Mountains

And that is it.

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