Flag Pole Estimation Project

1/26/16 By: Sadie, Sarah, and Jean-Luc


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AA similarity is used for this particular project due to the projections from the mirror. The mirror will create two similar angles: one to the top of the flagpole from mirror, and one to you from the mirror. The mirror is an essential part of the project because the reflections created allow the person looking in the mirror to see the top of the flagpole, which means that the angles are in fact similar.With the measurement of eye height to the middle of the mirror, from the middle of the mirror to the center of the flagpole, you can write a proportion out and solve for x, x being the height of the flagpole.


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The pencil person technique is when someone with an even height (5 or 6 feet tall) stands next to the flagpole. You take a small object, like a pencil, and you back up enough to where the pencil looks proportional to the person. Then, depending on their height, you estimate one pencil length up the flagpole and use their height as an estimate to how tall the flag pole is.


flagpole project movie