The Religion Of Judaism

What is Judaism?

The Beginning

A follower of the Judaism religion is called a Jew. At the very beginning, founders of the religion lived in a place by the name of Mesopotamia. Witch is now known as present day Iraq. The religion was founded over 3500 years ago by Moses and Abraham. The Isriaelites were ancient ancestors of the Jews. Because of what all these people have done over all the years, Judaism has turned out to be one of the oldest and biggest monotheistic in the world. Furthermore, on the right is a picture of the Judaism symbol. This symbol refers to high holy days. It also resembles the star of David and gives hope to the present day Jews as a way to have peace and worship God, Abraham, and their ancestors.

Leaders of The Judaism Fath


Judaism is very interesting to research and look into to. After seeing what Judaism really is, strong about their faith. It's impressive that they seem to stay loyal to themselves and their beliefs. I've also learned that Judaism is very different from any other religion. Cool and unique religion.
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Jewish Holidays