Hansen's Herald

Notes and Such From The Class Of The Future


APEX Fun Run -- The APEX Fun Run last year was a huge success. It is one of the single most effective events that I have ever seen and for what it matters, that my dad has seen in the 39 years he has been in education. January 20 marks the kickoff of ALA's second APEX Fun Run.

Keep an eye open for information regarding the APEX Fun Run. I will send information out to you as soon as I have it.

Writing Homework --
As we launch into the final steps of prep for the end of year writing test, I am asking the class to spend 10-15 minutes two to three nights per week working on various writing related topics. This homework will be all completed in a website called Utah Compose. This is site that we have used all year long. The students should be familiar with using it and how to login it.

Every couple of days be on the lookout for an email that contains specifics on the writing topic the students will be working on.

There are a few of the students who were unable to finish the writing assignment that was due today. I have asked them finish getting it written tonight. It shouldn't take them too long, all I have asked them to write is 4 paragraphs about "Cats VS Dogs." Basically, pick a side of the topic and argue their position.

Keyboarding -- Our Keyboarding practice has been going really well in class, however, many of the students have been having a hard time accessing keyboarding at home. In order to help them access the homework, I have changed how will are doing it. From this point forward, they will login to www.alak12.typingclub.com . Once they have logged in they should be able to find their keyboarding material. It should take them between 10 and 15 minutes to complete each homework lesson.

Hope Of America -- We have started practicing for the Hope of America program now. I will be sending a CD home with the students who I got papers back from saying they will be participating in the program. All of the audio files, videos to learn the actions, and the lyrics are also available online. You can find them here.

The Hope of America will be on April 16th. It will be held in the Marriott Center, on the BYU Campus.

Spelling Test -- There will not be a spelling test this week. This week we are going to be taking some midyear testing that will replace our regular Language Arts activities for the most part.

DARE -- Our class has been participating in the DARE program for the past couple of weeks. It appears like the students have really enjoyed their time in DARE so far. Make sure to ask them each Tuesday what they have been learning.

Assignments, Events and Birthdays

  • Keyboarding -- 10-15 minutes per night that we are in school
  • Utah Compose -- 10-15 minutes -- 2-3 days per week, as assigned.


  • 01/20 -- APEX Fun Run Kick-Off
  • 01/23 -- Dress Down Fundraiser -- Lopez Family
  • 02/10 -- District Science Fair
  • 02/13-02/16 -- NO SCHOOl -- President's Day Break


01/08 -- Dallon S. (Half)
01/18 -- Madison S. (Half)
01/23 -- Tucker D. (Half)
01/28 -- Jayzn H. (Half)
01/30 -- Monson A.
02/01 -- Payton M.
02/02 -- Lynzi H.
02/05 -- Matt B. (Half)
02/17 -- Ashtyn S.
02/26 -- Tanner T.

Weekly Brain Boggler

I clap, but I don't have any hands.
What am I?

I've got a lot of keys,
Eight and Eighty to be exact.
Yet there is no keyhole in the world that can fit them,
That's a fact.
What am I?

I protect one tiny fighter,
Like plate armor, though somewhat tighter.

No jabs from a horrible steel spear,
Will mar my ward, my precious dear.

The task we do, it may be slight,
But my enemy and I, we close things tight.
What am I?