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Seeking partners to expand nationally, next globally into the mobile app market. Our product StamptTM is revolutionizing customer loyalty programs with our mobile-based app. Lead by former Excel Communication executive John McLain, known for developing billion dollar businesses; Whole Foods, McDonald's, Caesars Palace are now just a few of the companies large and small embracing our mobile app! Facebook's mobile revenues have now hit 500k per mo and climbs DAILY!

Consider the following:

  • mCommerce is a billion dollar market reaching 28 billion by 2015
  • 84% of businesses engaged in M-Commerce see increased revenue
  • Mobile computing is a tipping point technology for the information revolution
  • In 2011 digital downloads outpaced CD sales for the first time
  • Kenya has developed a mobile payment system for remote areas
  • Currently 48 million people in the world have cell phones, but NO electricity
  • Up to 10% of U.S. service sector jobs could be laid off from 2012-2017 due to mobile efficiencies. However, case studies show 2.6 jobs CREATED for every job lost due to efficiencies.
  • 79% of small business are seeking a method to engage customers

Source: USA Today, 6/21/2012, Review: iPads, smartphones in world-changing ‘Mobile Wave’

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"The future of money is mobile." Forbes magazine, August 2012

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