"By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty."

Join the best Colony in the World!

Strong, successful colony. Has a large and powerful army. Very exhilarating!!!!

Loads of crops to be farmed. Loads of land!

Witch Hunting!

We have a large number of people being accused of being witches. We could use a lot of help catching them. Come to Massachusetts if you wanna do something as exciting as this!
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Three Important People

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Massachusetts dangerous? No, we have one of the best armies around.

Is Massachusetts wealthy? Very wealthy. We have tons of land that NEEDS to be farmed!

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Church Service

The Puritan people are very religious. We go every Sunday to worship, sermons, and Thursday night religious lectures. Religion is very important to the people of Massachusetts.
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