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2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

Welcome to 17-18! ~ Keep Calm and Claim your Space!~

We are excited and happy you're with us in OHVA! New beginnings mean new direction, a fresh start, and new goals. What will you do this year? Set some new goals for 2017-2018 with your student. Set some personal goals for yourself, too!
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Each region has a tab!

Quick Facts -- Handy Resource!

View the Quick Facts for 17-18 that gives you phone numbers, parent support links and event dates at a glance.

Need Help? Join a Help Session Before and After School Begins

Online Help Sessions will run every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 pm. Drop in, ask questions! To join: http://www.tinyurl.com/ohvaparents

Can't wait for a Tuesday or Thursday? Call our Help Line: 877-648-2512, ext HELP (4357). Leave a message and we'll get back to you!

Connect: Links for the OHVA Regional Parent Groups!

Ask questions, get help and make new friends!

Ways to Grow this Year

  • OHVA Family News -- don't miss an issue! We keep you up to speed on what Learning Coaches need to know, bi-weekly during the year.
  • Subscribe to K12's Learning Liftoff Blog - great tips and tricks and interesting educational topics.
  • OHVA's eQUIP - instructional strategies and ways to help you grow as a Learning Coach.
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Join OHVA Boosters!

Trained OHVA Boosters will be able to host F2F events this year!