Genetically Modified Organisms

Against Nature's Way


Genetically Modified Organisms are plants that are made by mixing the genes of two organisms that would not mix in nature. Scientist mix traits to create crops that would not normally be found in a field.

GM Crops Violate Nature

Despite claims that GMOs are part of evolution, the fact remains that what these laboratories do in a short time takes mother earth millions of years. GM crops mix outlandish combinations of organisms-including fish and fruit! GM plants haphazardly throw together genes of organisms in combinations that are unnatural and bizarre.

Unregulated and Immoral

Would you be surprised to hear that American farmers raised 74% of all GM crops? That means that the average American family has already eaten GM crops- may even without knowing it. GM crop producers in the United Stated do not even have to label their produce as GM. This is completely unethical and immoral.

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Nothing Humanitarian about GM Crops

The effort, time, and money needed to make genetically modified crops is enormous. So why to large corporations take such risks? The answer is simple- money. In today’s world, companies like these do what they will to make the largest profit, even if it comes at the price of our health and environmental effects. Despite their claims, "The feeding-the-world argument is a very carefully engineered P.R. exercise to create some moral legitimacy for this technology."

--Brian Halweil, analyst at the Worldwatch Institute, Washington, D.C. [27]


An important factor to consider in this debate is the affect GM crops will our health. It has already been established that GM companies do not need to disclose that their product is indeed a GM crop. With GM crops, new allergens could arise. By continually mixing and remixing genes, allergens may be enhanced, making them even more dangerous to certain people. Additionally, GM crops disregard dietary restrictions. What if a vegetarian was unaware they were eating a fruit that contained fish DNA? Or conservative Muslim or Jew was eating food with pig genes? GM crops are dangerous to our health.

The Environment

The risks of GM crops on the evolution of plants are fairly obvious. As GM plants become more and more resistant to viruses, viruses will start to manipulate to the point where they become too strong. However, GM crops also damage the surrounding ecosystem. One study conducted on monarch larvae found that only 56% lived when given GM pollen while every single larvae fed normal pollen lived. This study only included one species of one genus- think of the results on a global scale.