The sleeper

Edgar Allan Poe

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I like this poem because...

I chose this poem because it's different. not many people chose this. I like Edgar Allan Poe a lot. It's very mysterious.

Figurative Language.

  1. “mystic moon” line 2 (also alliteration) compares the moon to a mystic, or fortune teller.
  2. “Looking like Lethe,” in line 13 comparison to the lake to a river in Greek mythology.



I chose the Theme intentions because actions speak louder than words in The Sleeper.


  1. One of the piece I picked for imagery is "An opiate vapor, dewy, dim." I chose it because its describing a vapor as dewy and dim.
  2. The second piece I picked was "Far in the forest, dim and old." Its describing the forest.

Sound Devices

Tone: Sad and Gloomy

Alliteration: "Steals drowsily and musically"