GSES Pre-K News

A Peek Into Our Week

Literacy- Author Study and Penguins

February will begin with the study of those cute flightless birds known as penguins. Our literature focus will be on the genre of non-fiction books. This genre will expose the students to interesting facts and vocabulary about these adorable birds

This week, we begin our author study of Helen Lester's Tacky the Penguin series, books that focus on telling children, and adults, that it is okay to be different and it is okay to make mistakes. If you are different, then embrace it. If you make a mistake, then keep trying.


Number stories can emerge from everyday events, such as taking a walk or setting the table. Children can use fingers or other counters to find the answer to a number story. Your child does not need to know addition and subtraction facts yet. What is most important is that your child explores numbers in real settings and builds critical-thinking, problem-solving, and listening skills.

One-More and One-Less Songs

Sing a song in which you add or take away one animal with each verse, such as "Five little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed," "Five Little Ducks," or "One Elephant."

Handwriting Without Tears

We are reviewing all of the numbers 0-9. Your child can play "guess my number." Read the Handwriting Without Tears directions for each number, and then see if your child can make the number that you are explaining.

We are also learning the letter P:

Begin in the writing corner.

Big line down.

Frog jump up.

Little curve.

The students get excited when they share the pictures they bring from home for "the letter of the week." Thank you for extending their learning and helping your child make letter of the week connections at home.

Valentine's Day Celebration: Thursday, February 11

Just up ahead... hearts and hugs as Pre-K celebrates Valentine's Day. In preparation, students need to decorate a paper grocery or shopping bag with handles for our Valentine's exchange. Please be sure that your child's name is visible on the bag. Bags are due in class on or before Thursday, February 11th. Additionally, students should bring 11 signed Valentine's for our exchange that morning. (We ask that the cards not be addressed to individual children, just signed by your child.) Please remember we are a nut-free zone in the event that you attach a treat to your child's Valentine.

Important Upcoming Dates

February 10- 100th day of school

February 11- Valentine's Party (1:00-2:00, all parents are welcome to attend)

Bring a Valentine card for each classmate (11 students total)

Bring a decorated paper grocery size/ style bag to collect Valentine cards

February 12-15- Winter Break