3-2-1, Ready... Stew!

A brief introduction

Three Things About Me...

  1. Music is like food for me. I can't live without it, although my neighbors sometimes wish that I would.
  2. I'm almost at that tipping point of living more than half of my life away from my mother country (Australia). 19 years now in Kobe, Japan. No plans to leave yet.
  3. My father laughs exactly like Ernie from Sesame Street (not really about me, but I like to share this fact with everybody).

Ernie Laughs

Two of My Favorite Activities

Number 1:

Playing music with my friends. I play bass guitar, drums and I try to play guitar. I like playing around recording music at home using Garageband. See the video below for a taste. My best friend and his wife have the same names as these characters from that classic show Beverly Hills 90210, so I really had no choice but to record this for them.

Song for Luke and Shannon
Number 2:

I love rummaging through used record stores (and online) for more vinyl to add to my collection. I hope to one day have a record player so that I may actually listen to them. This is a picture of my best find and my prize possession:

Big image

If I weren't teaching...

I would love to restore classic cars, starting with one of these - a 1969 Toyota 2000 GT. That's right ... this is a Toyota.
Big image