Weekly Newsletter

Week of November 19th AND November 26th


Wow, there is a lot going on right now! Make sure you have an extra 5-10 minutes to read this week's newletter, because there is a lot to it. There are many exciting things going on in our classroom right now, and even more coming up!

Please note that the December calendar has been posted on our website. Let me know if you have any questions.

This Week in Room 123

Our theme for the week is Turkeys! We will being doing a really cute turkey project where we will paint, cut, fold, and glue...whew! We will also sing some turkey songs and do some other math and literacy activities. We will also start our book, If I Were a Turkey on Thanksgiving. To introduce the idea of hiding or finding a disguise, we watched the quick video clip below. Next week we will focus on Thanksgiving in general.

This week in reading, we continue to talk about homes and families and are working on our next inquiry project. The question we decided to focus on this time around is "What makes homes different?" We will research, and then create a mural to show what we have learned. Please continue to work on the Unit 3 high-frequency words. For our next inquiry project, we will need some help from parents. We will be looking at and talking about how your child helps out at home. I am asking you to "catch them in action" and send in or email me a photo of them helping out with a chore of some sort. Please email me (moldenhauere@deerfield.k12.wi.us) or send in your photos by Friday, December 6th.

In math, we will talk a bit about probability and play a number card game.

Exciting Things!

Next Tuesday, November 26th, I would like to invite everyone to our classroom for a "celebration" of sorts. The students will be working on a class book, If I Was a Turkey on Thanksgiving, and it will be finished by next week. We'd love for you to join us at 2:00 p.m. for a story-time and get together before our Thanksgiving break (November 27th-28th-29th). If you are able to join us, you may take your student home with you at the end of the school day, or follow your usual plans. I will let the office know that I am expecting visitors, so just make sure you grab a visitor's pass before you come down to our classroom.

Wrap Up

I sent home a class composite picture with those who ordered one with your child's school photos. I received another stack of them from the office, this time without a list of who they go home with. Upon inquiring about it, I was informed that the school does not have a list either. So, I need your help figuring out where they need to go! If you have not yet received one and would like one and you remember ordering one, please let me know via email or phone by next Tuesday. I only have eight, so please double check to make sure you have not already gotten one (a few weeks ago) before responding...thanks :)

Thanks to all who ordered from the November book orders. Let me know if any of these item need to be kept "secret" because they are gifts and I can stick them in an extra plastic bag and email you before they go home.

November reading records can be sent in at any time for a certificate!

Please have a fun and safe Thanksgiving. Our newletters will resume again the week we return from the holiday break. I look forward to seeing everyone who is able to make it for our read aloud next Tuesday!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

Your friend,

Miss Moldenhauer