Business Dining Etiquette

By: Erica Mei


If possible, find out whether your guest(s) likes or dislikes certain cuisine. Ask when extending the invitation or call an assistant to get the answer. You could also give your guest a choice of two or three restaurants. If hosting a group, choose a restaurant with a diverse menu.

Call on the morning of a lunch or dinner; if you've scheduled breakfast, call the day before.

The person who does the inviting does the paying. If someone invites you to lunch and the server places the check on the table, don't make a grab for it. Let the person who invited you have the opportunity to pick up the check and deal with it.

Whoever is paying the bill should make sure a gratuity hasn't already been included in the total--something that is standard procedure at some restaurants. Other restaurants may include an automatic gratuity only for large groups. On most occasions, you’ll be tipping not only the waiter but other restaurant staff as well. Tip according to these general guidelines