You don't want to miss out...

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It's COMING!!!!

Set an Alert on your Phone! Put a Post-It on your Computer or at your Desk! Head over to SPRING SALE or www.giftswithkimiradich.com or TOMORROW on Monday, April 27th at 6:00 AM EST through Midnight on Wednesday, April 29th!

AMAZING products at 50% + Off Retail! But WAIT there is SO much more!...
1. No minimum to purchase to qualify for these!
2. Every $35 spent still counts towards and April Customer Special!

Items will sell out QUICKLY!
Traffic on the site will be INSANE - we always tend to SHUT-DOWN or crash the system!
It's literally Black Friday shopping Online! Smile and Have FUN!
Items are NOT safe until you have checked-out, paid, and submitted - so understand things could disappear from your cart before you check-out!

THESE ARE NOT QUICK SHIP ORDERS - as all flash and outlet sale orders - Home Office will work HARD to get your orders to you within a month! So don't add items in you need in the next week or two! I have not heard of guaranteed ship dates! Sales are CRAZY high and now that our warehouses are working around the clock to get your orders out -

I will be giving away a FEW FREEBIES to some lucky winners to shop with me! Here is how to earn ENTRIES........

1. Everyone who purchases from my sale will receive 1 entry into my Giveaway!
2. Everyone who spends $50+ will receive an extra entry!
3. Spend $100+ and receive 2 extra entries!
4. Forward or share my website and Spring Sale information with family and friends (and let me know their names) If they purchase you will receive 2 entries per referred customer who is not already one of my customers!
5. Book a May, June, or July Party with me during the sale and receive 10 extra entries!
6. Tag me and/or my Gifts with Kimi Radich Groups page after you shop the SALE and say I just shopped an AMAZING 31 Flash Sale with Kimi Radich for 5 extra entries!

Thank you for your continued belief in me and you support of my business! I absolutely LOVE serving each and every single one of you! Good luck to you ladies on getting your orders in! Can't wait to see what you snagged!