Claymore Dwarfs

The Tempest

Once upon a time,there once lived a group of Junkies named ,Antony Fernzy,Steffie & Trincie.They were driving down Claymore falls in a stollen ute.They were all crunched and piled up in the back.They see a little midget in the middle of the road,they all stop in fright.Ferny jumps out and stornched up to him,the migdet offerd him drugs.

Ferny says noo....`

The migdet runs and says

"Run run there is something coming"

Ferny runs after him and knocks him out,they all laugh.Ferny jumps back in the ute,they boosted the music up and off they went.all of a sudden the bus losses control and sweves past Fenzys and crashes off the brigde.Some people fell out of the bus into trees and the others stayed in the ute and floated down Claymore Falls.Fernzy was standing on the bridge and says

"DAMM IT my maacas was in there"

And They were all scatterd around Claymore falls.They all run around Claymore in Fright.Fernzy runs to Eagle Vale Maccas and he saw his love of his life he couldent stop starring.He went up to her and they fell in love at first sight they grabbed each others hands and they got two family meals.He asked for her name and she said my name is Mirandy Brahh.All of a sudden they saw Anti and Trinci they were so hungery they saw a massive pile of Macas in the middle of the road and Airy comes down as a eagle and scares th Beeeepppp.... out of them they were so scared they dident even go near the maccas