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December 13, 2019

Congratulations Lauren Grubbs!

We would like to congratulate Lauren Grubbs! Mr. Corey Taylor, her Ag teacher, has this to say: It has been very fun watching Lauren develop her craft this fall. Lauren is a very determined individual and I knew immediately that her ceiling for potential success in this competition was very high. To say that I am proud of her is an understatement. She has put countless hours and effort into becoming the best at Job Interview that she can be. It was an honor to work alongside her and help coach her through the process of mastering her LDE. Lauren is a true model of Wildcat FFA and she has shown the diversity of our program and what it has to offer.
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SHS Band

On Monday, December 9, 2019, the Splendora High School band competed at this year’s ATSSB Region Band auditions. Each band student competed in a ranked competition that determined which students would be selected to participate in the 2019 Region Band. This select ensemble consists of the best musicians in Region 9. The directors are pleased to announce that we had 21 band students win spots in the 2019 Region Band. 6 band students earned 1st chair (place) at the contest as section winners. We had 13 band students earn the top 3 spots of the ensemble.

The region band concert will be at Tarkington Middle School Auditorium this Saturday at 6:00 PM where the region band students will rehearse for one full day and put on a full-length concert.

Additionally, the Splendora HS band had 22 band students selected to the 2019 Area Band, which those students will travel to Chapel Hill High School in Tyler, TX on Saturday, January 11th to compete in a spot for the coveted 2019 All-State Band, which consists of the best musicians in the state. If these students advance in the area, they will be considered "state champions" in their instrument group.

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Great job AFROTC!!!!

AFROTC students volunteered their time to collect money for the needy through the Salvation Army's Ringing of the Bell program.

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Successful High School Students Do These Things.

Part 2

4. Be Active Outside the Classroom

Successful high school students don’t disappear outside the walls of their classroom. They are also engaged members of their community. Get involved with extracurricular activities that impact your student experience. Educate yourself about the issues facing your community and volunteer your time to help resolve some of those issues in your community.

Successful high school students are ones that are capable of speaking up and effecting change in a positive way.

5. Participate in Class

You might think that this one goes without saying, but many students seem to think that if they study and achieve high grades, their participation will be a secondary factor. Students who participate in class are more engaged in their learning and are better able to remember information since thoughtful questions and consideration lend context to new information.

In addition, participating in class shows your teachers that you’re listening and thinking about the material that’s being presented. Teachers are more likely to think of you as a dedicated student when you participate regularly in class discussions.

6. Take Good Care of Yourself

Sometimes, when you are committed to being a strong student, a dedicated participant in outside activities, and diligent in preparing for standardized tests, you might forget that you also need to be committed to yourself.

Getting enough sleep, eating well, and taking good mental care of yourself are all necessary for success. When any one of these falls by the wayside, you are unable to perform at the peak of your ability no matter how prepared you are otherwise. Put yourself first to ensure that you’re capable of following through on the rest of your commitments.

Next month in the SHS Sentinel part 3 of Successful High School Students Do These Things.

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