We are a DPI School of Recognition

We are high achieving and together we accomplished this!

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A School or Recognition and High Achieving School

There are 1, 217 public elementary schools in Wisconsin, and 1 of 7 in the state for High Achievement and High Progress. Our school is an exemplar of what is meant by a high quality school. Quality Curriculum, instruction, and assessments along with a terrific relationship with families is what makes our school work for the children. Be proud of our Primary School!
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4K chicks are here! They have broken through

Here are some of our 4k feathered friends who have joined our world. The children are pretty excited about their new pals!
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Grade 4 WI Museum

Our 4th graders have completed their studies of aspects of our state which were and are impactful upon our lives. We are very proud of their work and their cooperation/collaboration efforts with their pals. Hope you had a chance to come and see. Very cool work.

Mike Budisch

Three buddies in the tub catching up on the latest political news in the Primary School. Great shot of the guys looking at books.