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January 2018

Dates to Remember

MLK Day (No School): January 15

December's Newsworthy Classrooms

WeBo Choir

From singing the National Anthem during the homecoming game to multiple successful concerts, the Western Boone Jr.-Sr. High choirs have been busy. The next major event coming up for these students is the Spring Musical, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

"Our musical this year will be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It's a bit of a different take on the classic story that most know from the Disney movie with familiar characters like Snow White, the Evil Queen and the Prince, but also including some new characters like some enchanted forest creatures, the Queen's pet cat, and one particular character we added just to WEBO's production. We were so excited to have so many Junior High students come out to the auditions that we gave them their own mini show as well. They will be performing the play A Mixed-Up Fairy Tale as a short pre-show to Snow White. The Junior High show features a dream sequence of a few Grimm Brothers stories that have been mixed up in a storm. Some of our High School students will also get to double their roles from Snow White in the Junior High show. Audience members will be getting two shows for one when they purchase a ticket which will go on sale in February. The run-time of both shows will be about 2 hours. I'm very excited to get to work with the kids this year! We look forward to entertaining you!" - Miss Pursley

"This will be my fifth year involved in doing the different musicals at our school, and this year it is Snow White. I am thrilled to be able to play the part of the magic walking talking mirror on my senior year. The musical dates will be March 16th and 17th at 7:00 pm, and the cast and I would appreciate all the support we can get." - Becky Collins

"This year, the musical will be Snow White and I am very excited to be playing the role of Snow White. This is my very first time doing musical and I am quite nervous. However, the cast for this musical is very encouraging with people such as Zach Anderson as the prince and Becky Collins as the Magic Mirror. I am confident this year's production will be amazing. There will be two shows in March (16 &17) and you're not going to want to miss it." - Luci Evans

Film Lit. Short Films

Lights, camera, action! WeBo students in Film Literature wrapped up their semester by creating short films that had to incorporate all of the film and story elements they learned in the class. Students grouped up, wrote and edited a script, and finally filmed, edited, and produced a final project to share with their class.

"Our final Film Lit project, designed to test students' knowledge of the various film and literary elements learned throughout the semester, involved creating short films. Students collaborated in groups of 3-4, first using literary concepts to develop dynamic characters and story lines. They then wrote full movie scripts and planned for filming. Critical thinking and teamwork were key aspects throughout, as groups had to decide which film techniques would work to best bring their stories to life. Total creative freedom was granted in regard to genre and structure, which students saw as a big bonus!

It was great to see creativity and growth in content knowledge. Each student contributed their individual talents to help create unique and entertaining films. When finished, students recognized each others' hard work by viewing and analyzing the films as a class." - Mr. Haney

"Working on the short film for Mr. Haney's class was one of my favorite projects that I have completed in an English course. It was challenging to get the shots that I wanted with limited equipment, but with my groups help, we were able to create a fun and enjoyable project for the class to watch. I'm proud of the content that we created." - Peyton Pitman

To see all of the short films created, click on the link below:

WeBo Art Gallery

Counselor's Corner

It has been a busy time in the school counseling offices. We were excited to see so many parents at our scheduling information night. If you were unable to attend, the presentations will be uploaded to the Guidance tab of the WEBO webpage in the next few days. Students in grade 9-11 heard presentations on Thursday, January 11 about class options. Junior High students will be working with Mr. Pelley on January 17. Please note the following dates in the scheduling process:

  • January 19 Schedule request forms and honors applications due (parent signature required)
  • February Individual student advising (if you would like to be part of this meeting, please make note on the bottom of your student’s schedule request form)
  • March 22 Class schedules distributed to students
  • April 13 Class schedules due back with parent signature of approval or written change request

Students will be working with school counselors in homeroom block on January 17. Topics include 4-year course planning, academic success, PSAT scores, resume’ building, and scholarship applications.

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