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Brain Jack

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Advice from Jimmy to Sam

Sam: why are all the people working here still using key boards,I mean its the 21st century and neuro helmets are the new big thing and for some of the people that make and give a lot of money and basically work in a very and I mean very great place that has computers here and there. So Jimmy i leave you this question of why do you think that we are still using keyboards instead of the super Hi-speed neuro headset.

Jimmy to Sam:So computers tend to get hacked don't they and neuro helmets are basically computers that u can wear right? So if you work in this place with a lot computers you would something about getting hacked.Think about it this way what if your BRAIN GOT HACKED?



THIS IS COMING IN FROM A KID NAMED SAM(who works in a highly secured place where the protect the U.S. from CYBER TERRORISTS) the neuro helmets are not good for you they can be hacked from an outside source basically turning you in to brainwashed human. Please do NOT and I repeat DO NOT USE THEM
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Brain Jack The Movie

Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 9pm

Forney, TX, United States

Forney, TX

This December coming to movie theater near you the #1 Hit movie in America Brain Jack where a kid prodigy hacker gets cought hacking into the the White House and taken into a kid prison. But what he doesn't know is that that was just a test and that he was actually being recruited for one of the biggest and most secure places aka Homeland Security where they actually protect the USA from CYBER TERRORISTS. But the rest of the story is for you to find out.


The main problem is when the neuro helmets are hacked and who ever was controlling them was feeding them bad information about Sam,Dodge and,Vienna.Basically telling everyone whose brains where hacked that Sam,Dodge and,Vienna were the ones behind all of this and were the ones who hurt swamp-witch.
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