Bulldog Blast, 12/13/20


Bulldog Blast

We are a Feinstein Leadership School. We are dedicated to empowering youngsters to reach out to help others and teach them the importance of compassion and caring for those in need.



This Blast has a lot of info packed inside it. Please be careful and review the following sections.

  1. Internet and Hotspot Update
  2. ABACUS Remote Services
  3. CHROMEBOOK distribution timeline and expectations
  4. Update, The Feinstein Good Deed Jubilee!!
  5. FLU Clinic
  6. Food Drive
  7. Gift Card Fundraiser
  8. SMARTS Collaborative Winter Options for kids

Spirit Week is HERE!!!

Next week is SPIRIT WEEK!!

Let's do it!!

We got this!!

  • Monday and Tuesday - Twin Day
  • Thursday - Holiday Sweater Day
  • Friday - PJ and Sweats Day
  • Monday - PJ and Sweats Day
  • Tuesday - Holiday Sweater Day

Internet and Hotspot Update

The Kajeet Hotspots have now expired. If you currently have a Kajeet hotspot and have not returned or exchanged it, you must do so by December 22, 2020.

More information, click here!

Need help with REMOTE LEARNING?


2020/2021 Middle School Remote Registration

Site Location: To be determined (enrollment will be at child’s home school if enough interest)

Start Date: January 4, 2021

Hours: See below

Included: Breakfast/Snack

  • Remote Price: $150.00 per week (3 remote days) 7:30 am 5:30 pm
  • PM Price: $54.00 per week (2 aftercare days) dismissal 6:00 pm
  • Remote + PM Price: $204.00 per week (3 remote days + 2 aftercare days)

Chromebook Distribution for Grades 5 and 6

In the coming weeks, the district will be providing students Chromebooks to be used in and outside of school. This is a one to one initiative to make sure every student has access to the latest technology to be successful in their academics. This device will follow the students through their time here at Brennan, so please take care if these devices!

In order to get a new district issued Chromebook, every loaner will come back into the building on the day of distribution. You will need to bring the charger as well. We will not issue a Chromebook until the loaner/the one we issued earlier in the year, had been returned.

7th and 8th grade distribution TBD, however we will aim for the window between 1/13 and 1/22.

The Feinstein Good Deed Jubilee!!

Our students here at Brennan are lifting spirits this holiday season. Creating cards to be delivered to a local nursing home to spread cheer. These good deeds are just one way to make our world a better place!

#dotherightthing #feinstein #gooddeedjubilee


For immediate release:

Annual flu vaccination is highly recommended throughout the season as a protective factor. Other measures, such as good hand washing, proper cough etiquette and staying home when ill, are also crucial in preventing disease spread.

To

Food Drive

Our community is facing so many challenges at this time, if you can donate, know there are families that will greatly appreciate your generosity. If every student could bring in at least two items, we will clear our goal of 1000 items to be donated.

Brennan will be collecting items to support Murray Unitarian Church

Let's break 1000 goods! #dotherightthing


I am now using REMIND for all my communication.

Get information for Cyril K. Brennan Middle School right on your phone—not on handouts.

Pick a way to receive messages for Cyril K. Brennan Middle School:

  1. https://www.remind.com/join/cyrilkb
  2. On your iPhone or Android phone, open your web browser and go to the following link: rmd.at/cyrilkb Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind. You’ll be prompted to download the mobile app.
  3. If you don’t have a smartphone, get text notifications. Text the message @cyrilkb to the number 81010.

BMS Student Remote Help Desk!

We are excited to present the latest efforts of our staff. We will be hosting a Remote Help Desk during your remote days. This will be an opportunity to check in with staff for help and ongoing support while students are at home. Please adhere to the schedule for your identified time slots.

Two ways to access this support:

  1. Class Code: q2amxdg
  2. Google Meet Link

BMS Gift Card Fundraiser!!!

Also, below, we have a school fundraiser! GIFT CARDS!! Click the link and remember to use our enrollment number 3844494264652 so that Brennan gets credit!
Gift Card Fundraiser

Considering sending people e-gift cards this year? Our school is doing a remote fundraiser selling gift cards. They sell at face value & they are redeemed at face value. The enrollment number is 3844494264652

Looking for Winter Activities?

SMARTS Collaborative will be hosting a virtual version of Investigation Design which has been an after-school club held in Attleboro elementary schools since 2017. The other program is a new program for students in grades 4-8 called Design a Dream House which is an architecture based program taught by Jan Ham who is the executive director and master teacher of Children’s Design Studio.

Both programs will be held virtually and SMARTS will be providing supplies.

Information flyers below.

COVID-19 STUDENT TRAVEL PROTOCOL: Recreational Travel & Mandatory Self-Quarantine

As the holidays begin, please keep in mind and review the travel guidance. This is very important and could be overlooked. We want to make sure your child will be ready to be in school without any issues.

Lunch Menus

Click to navigate the monthly lunch menus.

Brennan Family Calendar

Click to view the Brennan Family Calendar. We try to keep this current.

Aspen Reset

Please allow up to 24 hours to reset. Be mindful of the weekend.

Take out a book from the Brennan Library

Students will log into Follett Destiny (Destiny Discover) with the same username they use for Aspen.  The password is the student id number on their badge should the student wish to check out a book.