November WeeK 1

Greetings Kinder Parents

The kinders had a short yet fun week!

What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

1. Letters W, Y, and Z

Phonics: We focused on sounding the letters W, Y, and Z through repetition and showing pictures of words that begin with the letters W, Y, and Z.

2. Dictionary Words

They colored, cut, and pasted pictures of words with initial W, Y, and Z. Then they organized them alphabetically on their dictionary notebooks.

3. Vocabulary

  • They were introduced to using their vocabulary notebook where there write a new words, their own definition, the dictionary definition, illustrate it in a picture, and use it in a sentence.
  • They focused in the following word: vote.


1. Skip Counting by 5s

2. Money Value

  • They distinguished between pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.
  • They identified the famous people in the front part of the coins as well as the symbols or places in the back of the coins.
  • They identified the value of each and began learning how to count each type (e.g. pennies/counting by ones, nickels/ skip counting by 5s…etc.)

Social Studies

1. Betsy Ross

They learned about Betsy Ross early life and why she became famous.

2. Election

  • They were introduced to new election vocabulary such election, vote, president, ballot.
  • They learned about the election process from the book How to Vote.



  • We reviewed weather types.
  • We discussed the reason for weather change using non-fiction science books
  • They drew the types of weather and wrote brief sentences about them ( e.g. It is sunny, It is cloudy…etc.)


Fine Motor Skills

They practiced writing uppercase and lowercase W, Y, and Z on their writing journals and on their Zaner Bloser Handwriting book

Questions to Ask Your Child

Language Arts

  • What does the letter W, Y, or Z make?
  • Name some of the words that begin with the letter W, Y, or Z?
  • What does the word “vote” mean?


  • What is the value of the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter?
  • Who is on the front of the penny?
  • What is on the back of the penny?

Social Studies

  • Who is Betsy Ross?
  • How many stars were on the first American Flag?
  • How do people vote?
  • How are votes counted?


  • Why does the weather change?
  • How does the weather change our daily lives?


1. November 11th

  • Professional Development Day/Veterans Day:
  • No school and no child care available.

2. November 13th

  • Formal day: Please dress your child in the formal uniform.