Poisonous Gas

By: Daniel

Did You Ever Think You Can Choke On Gas?

Many gasses are used as chemical weapons to either choke, hurt, disable or kill. These gasses can suffocate you into a slow and painful death, while others can kill you almost instantly. These gasses only do damage if they touch your skin or if it is inhaled. Poison gas covers about 4% of combat deaths.

Types Of Gasses

Debilitating Gasses

Mustard Gas and Tear Gas are two kinds of gasses that are used to mostly debilitate enemies but can kill too.

Tear Gas causes very severe irritation in the eye, respiratory system and the skin. Along with the irritation, pain and vomiting take place too. Tear Gas takes it's name because it attacks the nerves of the Lacriminal Gland, which is in the eye.

Mustard Gas is a gas that causes red bumps to form on the skin, which then slowly turn into very painful blisters. If inhaled, the red bumps form in the throat, which causes the inhaler to be choked by the painful blisters into a slow and painful death.

Instant-Death Gasses

Both Phosgene Gas and Chlorine Gas fall into this category, with death sweeping in faster than you think.

Chlorine Gas causes a burning sensation in the throat and eyes. While this happens, you suffocate with painful breathing and coughing, irritation in the eyes and vomiting. With death coming in faster than a cheetah.

Phosgene Gas smells like freshly cut grass or hay, and if you were smelling this... you would start experiencing coughing, burning in the throat and your eyes. Your eyes would have a lots of water in them while experiencing painful blindness. You would also have painful and a difficult time breathing with vomiting.

The Gasses Molecular Structure

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Mustard Gas