The Philipines

By Tahlia and Zackery


In Asia there is a country called the Philippines. It is a group of islands. The Philippine flag is White, yellow, red and blue. If you go there you will recognise it is highly different.

Life as a Philipine Person

Filipino people live their lives extremely differently to Australians. They reside in villages or cities. Filipinos live in small houses with two or three small rooms made out of palm leaves and bamboo, whereas Australian people live in large brick houses with many rooms.

Filipino people have portable clothing, similar to Australian summer cloths. The national custom for men is called “Barong Tagalog”, it’s a long, loose shirt. It has long sleeves with a closed collar. The national custom for women is called “balintawak” and is extended dress with puffy sleeves. They are worn for formal occasions.

Jobs in the Philipines

Filipino people have very different jobs to most Australians. The majority of men prosper their lives fishing. They mainly catch shrimp, tuna, seaweed, lobster and pearls. Both men and women grow rice, sugar, pineapples and coconuts on their farms, they also do many different woodcrafts such as wood bowls. The sheilas do many needle works. They sew table cloths, bed covers, table mats, dresses and shirts.


Filipino people have smiler food to Australians. They mainly eat and cook rice. But they also grow different food such as sea food and fruit. Filipinos have many coconut trees, so they sell lots of coconuts and use most of them in their cooking.


The head of the sports in the Philippines is Basketball. But Badminton, volleyball, tennis, boxing and swimming are also very popular. Horse-fighting also happens. It is when horses fight for three minutes but they are not allowed to fight to death. Serious injuries do occur.