Is our universe the only universe?

More and more physicists are agreeing that there are probably multiple universes, and we know that many of you are fans of the multiverse. We thought we'd get together and watch a twenty minute TED talk by string theorist Brian Greene about multiverse theories. Join us this Thursday, at during lunch (11:15am!) in FAB 4!

Night Sky This Week

Comet Lovejoy

If you’re hoping to see Comet Lovejoy, the sky should be clear early tonight, Tuesday 1/13, just after sunset. The next clear night probably won’t be until Friday. Below is a map of Comet Lovejoy’s location for the next few days. Since most people can locate Orion, the comet is pretty easy to find nearby in the southeastern sky. It will appear as a hazy green dot. You won’t see its tail unless you have a good telescope. It’s still exciting to see with the naked eye, though.
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Events and Information

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Soon, we will start meeting to write a proposal for a proton beam research project to be done at CERN in Switzerland. Now, don’t get too excited: we have to compete with many other schools by creating a video to sell our proposal to the judges. But, if we win, nine of us will travel to CERN to implement the project next fall! If you are interested in getting involved, let Brian or Ms. Kjonaas know. Our video is due at the end of March. Read more about the competition here.

Here’s a gratuitous photo of Morgan Freeman in the CERN tunnel. We’ll look more excited than he does when we arrive.

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NASA just released some awesome posters advertising travel to other planets, if we could travel to these other planets. Almost 900 planets were discovered last year, totaling over 1800 planets now. Have a look here. You can download the images for your own use.

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SpaceX’s Dragon cargo spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station yesterday, delivering much-needed supplies from a private spacecraft to ISS. In October another supply mission exploded on the launch pad, leaving ISS in desperate need of supplies by January. SpaceX’s launch vehicle, however, was not recovered as successfully as hoped as it failed to make a soft landing on a floating platform in the ocean. The image shows the SpaceX Dragon docked on the Harmony Module of ISS.
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