The Girl who stood for Education and was shot by the Taliban

General Overview

As a young girl Malala Yousafzai had great courage and bravery. She demanded freedom, and human rights for all girls in Pakistan to receive an education and as a result in 2012 she was shot in the head by the Taliban and survived.

Biliyography & Synopsis

All about Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai was born and raised in Mingori Pakistan on July 12,1997. As a young girl child, she was raised in a family that valued great intelligence ,education and community service. As her life went on she not only strived to increase her own education but became an advocate for girls education in 2007, when the Taliban tried to take control of her home town in Swat Valley.

The Taliban imposed strict religious rules ,limits on women's rights including in 2009 when it was declared a ban on all education for females. It was also stated that stricked and harsh punishments would stand for those who disobeyed. At the time Malala attended a school founded by her father ,Ziauddin Yousafzai, and although many schools closed down Ziauddin continued to educate females and Malala choose to look beyond her fears and set an example by continuing to receive her education.

Malala as well educated and strong as she was realised that it was up to her to use her voice and stand up for freedom and the basic human rights that children and women deserve. She gave many public speeches regarding the matter , including one on September 2008 in Peshawar, Pakistan called " How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?" and in 2009 the 11 year old began writing a blog for the BBC about life under the Taliban rule and her denied education as a female. As she began to raise awareness, she became a well known leader for those who didn't have a voice or courage to stand up for what's right .Soon Yousafzai became recognized and received a nomination for the International Children's Peace Prize in 2011 and later that same year was awarded Pakistan's National Youth Peace Prize.

At the age of 14 the Taliban had issued a death threat against both Malala and her father Ziauddin , her family assuming that grown men would follow religious beliefs and not harm a child were sadly mistaken. On October 9th, 2015 on her way back from school, a man boarded the bus demanding to know which girl was Malala, after being identified she was shot on scene.She was flown to England to receive surgery, further treatment and to recover.

Today, Malala continues to raise awareness ,encouraging the support for an education, freedom and other denied basic human rights despite many treats of the Taliban. In 2013 she became the youngest person ever, to be nominated for the Nobel peace prize.
The story of Malala Yousafzai

Summary Questions 1 & 2

1) As a young advocate Malala contributed to many leadership roles that took place regarding this movement. She constantly was one of first to set an example and to see that there is a need for change and she had to be the one to start it. Some ways that Malala simply demonstarited this is by overcoming her fears and going to school even though it was against the law and that the punishments were harsh. She also got involved with many community leaders against the issue and created organizations in order to make it easier for poor girls to receive an education.

2) It is astounding the amount of action that Yousafzai took at such a young age and to push your fears aside in order to do whats right knowing the consequences. In order to show leadership Malala...

  • Continued her education when many fled
  • Publicly spoke about the issues that Taliban caused
  • Preated a blog to alert the world and seek assistance for these issues
  • Influenced the Pakistani military to take interest
  • Created groups and organizations to help poor girls receive an education (ex; Malala Fund)
  • Completely selfless and remained to her causes

Personalilty traits

3) (No.1- Courage is not the absence of fear- it's inspiring other to move beyond it)

In January 2009 , The Taliban militants issued a ban on all female education. There were minimal women's rights and anyone who stepped out of place was beaten or killed. Although many schools closed down and friends and family fled , Ziauddin (Malala's Father) kept his school open and despite the threats,helicopters and gunfire's and fear ,she attended school normally.

(No.2- Lead from the front -but don't leave your base behind)

After Malala's blog had gained popularity by the military ,by the Summer of 2009 they had came in a opportunity to exterminate the Taliban forces, millions were forced to evacuate. And for three months they were away from home while her father traveled to raise awareness and organized protests.After returning home , witnessing the mountain of dead bodies , demolished and abandoned buildings as well as trashed she had realized the importance of her expanding the importance of Freedom. Malala used the blogging experience as a foundation of where she came from which pushes her to move forward and to over come her fears of fear.

(No.8- Quitting is leading too)

Ziauddin had always noticed Malala's natural gift of being a leader and encouraged her to become a politician, which she refused. As more and more disasters piled up ,she realised she had to be the one to start the change for Swat Valley as she was aware of the issues more than ever. Yousafzai , with these conditions was encouraged to take on politician like actiivities such as, creating organizations and protests, creating a blog, publicly speaking and raising awareness. She later claimes " I have a new dream ... I must become a politician to save this country. There are so many crises in our country. I want to remove these crises."- Malala Yousafzai. This proves that Malala is willing to accept that she was wrong and that she must be a politician in order to help her counrty.


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