Updated Information COVID-19

Martinez Unified School District - March 23, 2020

Dear MUSD Staff and Community,

As we begin the second week of school closures I wanted to send a brief communication to our staff and community. First, I want to acknowledge that school closures and transitioning to distance learning will not impact everyone equally. There are many unique individual circumstances impacting how a student responds to these changes, how parents and guardians respond, and how our teachers and support staff respond. For all of us, this is still a very new landscape to navigate. Grace, patience, and flexibility, are important to all of us right now.

During our first week of closures, I was very impressed with how our staff responded and how our parents across MUSD did their best to support their children. It is important to remember as we enter only the second week of this change, that each of us can only commit to doing the very best we can. As the famous basketball coach, John Wooden, once said, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” Together, we can continue to put forward our best effort and find flexible solutions.

One prominent mindset that continues to frame my thinking over the past two weeks is how we, as a school district and as a community at large, can work together to be part of the solution. As individuals, we each have a role in working to flatten the curve. I encourage all MUSD students and families to remain in full compliance with the Shelter In Place Order from our county officials. Please only leave your home for essential activities and be sure to practice responsible social distancing when out walking and/or exercising.

As a school district, MUSD is working to find ways we can help our students and our larger community. In addition to making sure foodservice continues for students, we’ve also responded to other calls for support from our local and extended community. Thanks to the help of the AHS Administration and staff from their Science Department, Alhambra High School was able to donate over 60 pairs of goggles to local Kaiser hospitals to help provide more personal protective gear for hospital staff. Together, we can make a difference.

In the coming days, you may see some large storage trailers parked in the front parking lot of Alhambra High School. Both the federal and state government are working to supply counties with additional medical supplies and equipment related to COVID-19 response efforts. Since Martinez is the anchor point (county seat) for Contra Costa County services and operations, MUSD has been asked to store a few of these trailers in our AHS parking lot. These trailers are not specific to the Martinez community, they are part of the larger response needs across Contra Costa County. Given the need for coordination from Federal, State, and County agencies, I am not certain of when these items would be delivered, but I did want to make sure our staff and community were informed.

As a school district, and as a community, we all want to be part of the solution for a successful response to COVID-19. Should there be other ways MUSD is asked to support efforts across the county, I will certainly keep our staff and community informed as quickly as possible. The more we keep working together the better we can respond and the more effective we can all be in helping to flatten the curve. As always, please feel free to contact me with questions and/or concerns.


CJ Cammack, Superintendent

Martinez Unified School District