The Dangers You May Encounter

Food Procurment

Animals for Food

Unless you have the chance to take large game, focus all your efforts on the smaller animals, due to their abundance. The smaller animal species are also easier to prepare. You must know all the animal species that are suitable for food. Relatively few are poisonous, but they make a smaller list to remember. What is important is to learn the habits and behavioral patterns of classes of animals. Animals that are excellent choices for trapping, those who inhabit a particular range and occupy a nest or den, those that have somewhat fixed feeding locations, and those who have trails leading from one area to another.
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Preparation of Fish and Game for Cooking and Storage

You must know how to prepare fish and game for cooking and storage in a survival situation. Improper cleaning or storage can result in inedible fish or game. Do not eat fish that appears spoiled. Cooking does not ensure that spoiled fish will be edible. Signs of spoilage include sunken eyes, peculiar smell, suspicious color(gills should be red to pink), dents stay in the fish's flesh after pressing it with your thumb. Slimy, rather than moist or wet body, and sharp or peppery taste. Eating spoiled or rotten fish may cause diarrhea, nausea, cramps, vomiting, itching, paralysis, or a metallic taste i nthe mouth. Fish spoils quickly after death, especially on a hot day. Prepare fish for eating as soon as possible after catching it. Cut out the gills and large blood vessels that lie near the spine. Gut fish that is more that 10 centimeters long. Scale or skin the fish.
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