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7th pd | program: Roads

What the problem is:

Most people that live in/around Austin know that there are very annoying traffic jams. The reason for these traffic jams is the major influx of people Austin has been experiencing the past 10-20 years. These traffic jams, along with the size of the city itself make for hour long daily commutes home from work.
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How we SOLVE the problem:

Our program is made to: widen the streets, make more direct routes through cities, increase public transportation, and add bus-only lanes. All these actions combined should help to unclog the streets and semi-permanently rid them of traffic .

What specific ACTIONS can solve the problem:

public transportation: Adding more buses, taxis, and subway systems should encourage more people to ride on the buses, taxis, subways. the bus-only roads should also help to encourage people to ride on them and thus avoid all the traffic.

subways: People like riding subways because they go under everything, which, in turn lets it avoid the buildings, roads, and parks of the surface world.

widen streets: Widening streets will decrease traffic because people do not magically appear to fill the roads so if we add more lanes, then there is more space for people to fill in and the traffic lines will be shorter.

direct routes: Adding more direct routes through cities will make shorter lengths of road for people to have to drive to get to their destination. These shorter routes will create for less commuting time. Even if it does not shorten the traffic lines, more direct routes will definitely shorten the time you have to sit in them.

What types of people will this program help?

This program will help the common people. Because lots of people work away from home, they have to have a way to get to their location in a reasonable amount of time. The shorter commutes will hep people to be on time to their job.

How long will your program need to be in effect in order to be successful?

  • Lifelong would be the safest choice

  • will take about 20yrs at a maximum

  • will take about 15yrs at a minimum

Where in the USA will this program apply?

This project will affect many places. The places this will affect most are places with bad traffic problems or not enough lanes on their streets.

Why is this program necessary for the federal government to do for its citizens?

This program is necessary for the government because

  • It will help traffic congestion

  • It will lower accident rates

  • Reduce pollution

  • less people will get fired for being late to their jobs.

What specific actions will the government take in order to enact your federal relief program?

  • Make the roads wider

  • More law enforcement along the roads

  • More interstate highways

  • Have more people ride on public transportation (buses)

  • More coverage in cities and towns

Group Members:

Crista Lin

Anjali Mandala

Makai Parada

Brandon Plant