Mrs. Nutt's Newsletter

Austin Elementary

Our Week In Review

Week of October 13-16

We are reading...

*The Animal Boogie

*Doing The Animal Bop

*Animals Born Alive and Well

*Our Amazing Animal Friends

*Animal Families

*The Ways of Living Things

Language Arts

*Spelling words: review short a and short i word patterns

*poetry - Animals All Around

*High Frequency Words: other, about, many, then, out, them

*Handwriting: lower case u and i

*fact and opinion

*Thinking Map - Bubble Map

*Mystery Word - animals


*practice addition fluency

*relate addition to subtraction

*use a number line to subtract

*analyze the data on a graph


*observe the changes in plants

*discuss the life cycle of animals

*explore the needs of animals

*identify different animal habitats

Upcoming Events


Library books are due on Wednesdays!

Wear tennis shoes on P. E. days - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!

Click here to volunteer at our school! We are looking for parents to help with lunch and recess duty!

*October 12 - School Holiday

*October 20 - Field Trip to Dallas Arboretum

*October 26-30 - Red Ribbon Week

*November 6 - Grandparent's Day

At Austin Elementary, we are driven to unlock the passion and cultivate the uniqueness inherent in every learner.