Lymphatic disease


Hodgkin's lymphoma is a type of cancer in the lymphatic system which is part of your immune system. These are cells that grow abnormally and may spread beyond the lymphatic system.

Symptoms, causes, prevention, and research.

There are many signs and symptoms of Hodgkin's disease such as: painless swelling of lymph nodes in your neck, armpits, or groin, persistent fatigue, fever and chills, night sweats, unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, and itching. Doctors know that most Hodgkin's lymphoma occurs when an infection-fighting cell called a B cell develops a mutation in its DNA so they are not completely sure how this disease is caused. With Hodgkin's lymphoma there are no risk factors, you would not know if you have this disease or not unless it was passed down genetically, however you should get screening often just to make sure you do not have anything wrong. Important research into Hodgkin disease is going on in many university hospitals, medical centers, and other institutions around the world. Scientists are getting closer to finding out what causes the disease and how to improve treatment.

Living with Hodgkin's Lmyphoma

Living with this disease can be very stressful and emotional, not only for yourself but for your family. You have to go through chemotherapy and such it is a roller coaster, many people who have had this disease has suggested that when you have this to live your life and spend every moment with your family, it is very terrifying.