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Sept 23, 2019

It seems like we JUST did this, but the grade cutoff for the second IPR of the first quarter is Friday, Sept 27 and grades are due at 11:59 on Monday the 30th. You may reload and save as many times as you wish before that deadline.

Students can LOSE ELIGIBILITY with this grade send!

You will report grades for any student sitting in your class as of Friday the 27th, even if that student will be getting a schedule change as of Monday. If you have trouble seeing those students, you can use these instructions to view withdrawn students and make sure their grades are correct and are all entered prior to reporting.

Be sure you have all your grades published! Fill in all green circles!

If you need any help with how to do things in eSchool, remember all the handouts are on the eSchool page of the Digital Melting Pot!

According to Frisco ISD’s Grade Weights and Minimums, by this IPR you must have:

    • At least 1 Major grade
    • At least 4 Minor grades

Instructions here (be careful to submit for IPR and not RC) The checkmark should be gone, we will submit IPR again.

Find all grade deadlines here.

You may start submitting grades on Thursday of this week.

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No Photo List

We have a new way for you to check which of your students have NOT signed a photo release for the district, by running a report in eSchool called a Cognos report. We have gone to this method to protect student privacy. If any of your students are on the list, you may NOT publish their photo on social media. Directions for checking the list can be found here. If you have any questions, please ask me!

New Student Help Web Site

We have been working on a web site for students to help them with various things like how to change their password. Lots of kids have started getting notified by Google that their student Gmail accounts have been compromised so this is a big one right now.

It also has Canvas help, including our troubleshooting guide, help regarding the Home Access Center, help with Bulb, information for students new to the district and leaving the district, and more. We plan to add to this site as we find more that students may need.

Please help us advertise this for students! It can be found at bit.ly/fisd-tech-help and is available on the LT web site under the Resources tab, in the Technology section.

State of the Chromebooks


  • The entire Navy Cart is out of commission. The wall plug was broken.
  • Trinity #8 is out for repair because it will not charge.


  • Texas Tech- #5 is back and the Texas Tech Cart is back to 15 devices.

Have you been getting emails from Simple K12?

These are legit! This is something that has been purchased for every teacher by the FISD Professional Learning Department.

AWESOME TED Talk about BOLD teaching- If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, start at 17:55 and watch the last 3 minutes

Bold School Teachers Elevate a Culture of “AND” | Weston Kieschnick | TEDxDakotaRidge

Happy Meme Monday!

Memes are a great way for students to express what they have learned. Memes are a little bit deceptive because they seem very simple. But to create a really good meme, you have to be able to understand a concept AND you have to be able to synthesize what you know into a clear, concise expression. It is similar to using comic strips- the final product somehow belies the cognitive level of the activity.

If you are interested in some tools that you could show students for creating memes in our filtered world, check out this collection from Megan Bruce, the DLC at Lone Star.

PS- There is a Blazer Button for this! (bit.ly/blazerbuttons)

Canvas Training!

On the survey I sent out last week asking about the type of training you prefer, many of you chose live webinars or recorded online video training. We have an AMAZING new resource for you! There is a new Canvas training portal that is now live in our Canvas environment. There are lots of great new training videos as well as continued access to live training (a minimum of 3 LIVE trainings PER DAY!). To access it, just click on Help (in Canvas) and then select Training Services Portal. Click here for more information.

Also, you can always find current training I am offering on the LTHS Technology website here.

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Canvas Update

Saturday Canvas released their new updates to our live environment and I wanted to share one of the updates with you. The most obvious update will change the look of the course navigation bar for all instructors regarding how hidden links look. (see pic below). You can read about all of the updates here.
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Eduphoria Profile Reset

AT 4 pm on Friday, all profiles were FINALLY reset in Eduphoria. DOn't be shocked the next time you login and have to confirm your profile. If you haven't done so yet, be sure to remove any old campuses you were at before and be sure you have Lebanon Trail selected.

Directions if you need 'em