Long Way gone

Chapters 5-8

Internal Charactorization

During Chapter 5-8 Ishmael Beah stuggled agiants hunger and the difficulty of being alone. Chapter 5 starts out with Ishmael and his friends being very hungry hinted by " We were so hungry that it hurt to drink water and we felt cramps in our guts". Later in Chapter 7 Ishmeal was seperated from his friends and was without humans for many days. These conflicts show that he was frequently in a battle with himself againts hunger and loneliness.

Historical connection

In the chapter 5-8 Ishmael and his compainions are always running away from the rebels that try to kill them, they run to Bonthe to find saftey from the rebels. The same things are happening now in the middle east with many children having to leave home and flee to other countries from terrorist groups like ISIS, Boko Haram, Kataib Hezbollah and many more.

Vocabulary Words

Cassava and Crapes

Cassava-the starchy tuberous root of a tropical tree, used as food in tropical countries but requiring careful preparation to remove traces of cyanide from the flesh.

Crapes- Sneakers or shoes.


The country that Ishmeal is in during chapter 5-8 is Sierra Leone. He travels throughout the southern part of the country traveling from abandoned village to abandoned village until they find Kamator only for it to be attacked by the rebels. He runs into a forest alone and is there for a couple days until finding some kids from his old village to travel to Bonthe.

Conflicts of Ismeal Beah

Man vs. Man- When he is chased by the rebels from city to city.

Man vs. Nature- The conflict between Ishmael and the wild boar.

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