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Jane at home

Jane is a qualified instructor and teaches a variety of riders, teaching jumping to dressage, poles to flat work.

At the moment Jane is riding at advanced medium dressage, competing her 17 year old Hanoverian mare flo (florenza), she has also taken on a young horse she is hoping to back, and train to do dressage, and is aspiring to get him to an advanced level.

Jane caters to every horses needs and gets to know the horse as an individual, she asses the horses mental and physical state to know how to train the horse right and how she need to adapt her teaching to fit the horses attitude. Jane strives to get all riders to the peek of their ability !

She trains many horses for dressage and teaches many people on the ground, in lessons or just to help people who need a slight adjustment to their riding.

When teaching, Jane helps riders establish a firm foundation on the basics and develop a feel for the horse. Jane wishes to help her students to progress to the more advanced levels of dressage or to help jumpers to improve their flat work or technique over a fence.

Contact Information

If you have any Information you would like to know please contact Jane on her mobile or email.