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Epsilon State || Southeast District

Volume 23, Number 5, February 4, 2017

DELTA KAPPA GAMMA promotes professional and personal growth

of women educators and excellence in education.

From the President: F. Margret Atkinson

Gamma Eta sisters,

I hope your holidays have been restful and you continue to find peace in your life.

As I continue to work with my students, I continuously think about your suggestions of pedagogy and resources.

Thank you for providing inspiration for so many women educators.

Reasons for us to celebrate:

We have initiated three members in the 2016-2017 year, and hope to continue to welcome women educators. Michele, Sarah, and Aimee', thank you for bringing your expertise to our Gamma Eta.

Renee worked hard to organize our basket for our convention in March. Renee is always so good at organizing these things.

Four Gamma Eta members joined Alpha Xi at their January meeting at the LSU Food Incubator. Thank you, Debbie, for organizing us and coordinating with Alpha Xi.

Mary Jane continues to successfully communicate in her role as Southeast District Director.

Key chapter points were due February 1, and we hope to hear great news at the state convention!!

Continued two-pronged vision:

1. Shifting our technological paradigm:

I cannot tout International's website enough. It is a fantastic website and offers so many resources. We will continue to use it for DKG news and other publications. At the executive board meeting in January, I highlighted three articles. I hope to make this a consistent meeting feature, because there are so many resources that are just waiting to be used.

Communities is a great way to interact with DKG sisters across the world, and the short tutorial can still be found here.

Don't forget that your member number is a six digit number that can be found on your membership card. Your temporary password is dkg2014society, and you can change it once you log-in.

2. Building membership by working towards a balance of commitment to engaging community building:

Carol has worked tirelessly to plan the February meeting with Debbie-don't forget, we are reading Still Alice and will have a literature panel to discuss it. In order to continue to build our membership, our meetings need to continue to speak to the purposes of DKG.

We also need to apply for scholarships and share with our members the investment that DKG is willing to make. I have recently applied for the Wanda Gunn ($200) scholarship, and will soon apply for the Vivian F. Bourgeois (up to $500) scholarship. Newer members can apply to the Wanda Gunn, and you can apply for the Vivian F. Bourgeois after you've been in DKG for two years.

Finally, even though our personal lives may have moved on since the Great Flood of 2016, there are still teachers in our area who are struggling to find normalcy in their lives. We will touch on this at the February meeting.

Thank you for going on this journey with me as we continue to grow and seek excellence in education.

As always, I appreciate dialogue and welcome a conversation, so don't hesitate to email me at

With much love,


Scholarship Opportunities (through Epsilon state)

Please look at some of scholarships and consider applying if you meet the qualifications!

Epsilon State Convention

Friday, March 24th, 5pm to Sunday, March 26th, 12pm

901 Airline Drive

Kenner, LA

Don't forget to sign up by February 24 to get the $25.00 registration rate! There are other things you can sign up for, so look at the options (including Founder's Breakfast, Buffet, etc).

Download the registration form and mail the check by February 24 in order to get the early bird registration!

It will be held at the Hilton, New Orleans Airport, in Kenner.

First Vice President: Debbie Usie

Homework. Not a pleasant thought for students or teachers. And, yet, we cannot deny the benefits of additional skills practice and the need for adequate preparation for whatever lies ahead. So, with that thought in mind, I am assigning homework. If you have not yet purchased or downloaded your copy of Still Alice by Lisa Genova, then do so today! Then, using your discussion guide, read this fictional account of an Alzheimer’s patient and be prepared to share your insights with your Gamma Eta sisters when we meet on February 21, 6:00-8:00, at Linda Landry’s house in St. Gabriel. We will share a potluck meal, so bring a dish to share, also.

Moving into March, we look forward to the Epsilon State Convention at the Hilton New Orleans Airport in Kenner the weekend of March 24-26. If you have not already registered, it is not too late. Registration fees received by February 24 will allow you to attend at the “early-bird” rate.

Our April 18 meeting, at La Madeleine’s on Bluebonnet, will feature technology tips brought to us by our very own tech expert, Margret Atkinson. We will also use this opportunity to celebrate DKG’s Founders’ Day. The time, as usual, will be 6:00.

Now crack open that book, and start reading!

If you have any questions, you can email me at


Chapter Meeting Program:

Still Alice book discussion

Still Alice book guide by Lisa Geonva (available as a download)

Carol Peltier, moderator
Panel Members: Glenda Lofton, Betty Kraft, and Deborah Marchand


6:00-8:00 pm


Linda Landry's home (address is in yearbook)


Laura Grubb and Barbara Verdin

Second Vice President: Linda Landry

What an amazing year our chapter is experiencing, thanks to the major contributions made by our newer members. We are definite proof that "new blood" is beneficial. With the assistance of members like Margret, Debbie, Laura, Amee, Sarah, and others Gamma Eta chapter should again be named a Gold Chapter at the state convention.

I am asking each and every one of you to nominate an outstanding educator for membership so that we can continue to shine.

You can contact me at

Treasurer: Laura Grubb

Looking for ideas regarding opportunities for professional enhancement? Need some new supplies? Just access the Delta Kappa Gamma Web Site for answers to your many questions.

In addition, for DKG merchandise, such as pens, tote bags, and jewelry, you can visit

I enjoy serving you as treasurer, and I can always be reached at

DKG merchandise

You can purchase pens, tote bags, and jewelry, all branded to show your DKG pride.

Secretary: Katie Ferguson

Chapter members, please send me (via email) any news of member's concerns and celebrations so I can recognize you.

Should there be any corrections needed to the minutes, please contact me at

Epsilon State

Epsilon State has a great website with great resources on it. Be sure to look at it as well!

Editor's Edicts: Barbara Verdin

What a wonderful time of the year! Love is in the air!

This got me to thinking about the word love and the many connotations and meanings that one little word provokes. Consider the many feelings you experience when having that feeling of "love." So many kinds of love; love of a spouse, a parent, sibling, child, friend, love of travel, your favorite hobby, food, and on and on. Love usually makes us feel soooo good!

I absolutely "love" the going-ons in our chapter. We have the opportunity to experience great programs, professional growth, personal growth, and love for each other. keep on lovin' everybody!!!!

I can always be reached at

Scholarship opportunities (international & State)

CONGRATULATIONS TO MARGRET! She was awarded a Wanda Gunn travel grant to use in the near future for a conference. You need to be an active member. Apply now.

Parliamentary Possibilities-Barbara

I chair a committee and would like to know what role the Chapter President plays?

The President is an ex-officio member of every committee by virtue of her position.



No Birthdays in February!

Barbara Verdin || Editor ||


Fun and fellowship guaranteed! What are you talking about? The State Convention-Coming up in March in New Orleans. Please make plans to attend, even if for a day.

Will be worth your time and efforts.