My Winter Break

A break spent binge watching TV shows.


Movie and TV watching are my favorite things to do. Relieved that I finally had time to myself, I immediately started binge watching shows that I had missed due to school. I watched Jessica Jones (great show, everyone should watch it), rewatched Daredevil, Game of Thrones, among others, spending those first few days in front of a screen. I did not regret a single second I had spent watching.
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Apart from binge watching shows, I also went to the movies to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I liked the movie, and I soon found myself watching as many movies as I could (I love TV and movies, if you haven't noticed), once again spending my time in front of a screen. I decided during my movie watching that I should read something, and I read all 5 books in the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R.R. Martin during break. These are the books that Game of Thrones is based on, so I had fun.

Family Info

My family consists of a multitude of people, but I'll list off the main ones. There's currently 5 of us at home. My mother is the head of the household. I have 3 siblings, a younger brother and 2 younger sisters.

What would I like to do when I grow up?

I love the entertainment industry, so anything that has to do with that is at the top of my list. I like to think I'm super creative, so I'm always writing all the time. I would love to be a screenwriter due to that, or maybe an actor or a director. However, if I'm thinking realistically, I would also like to be an attorney.

Winter Break

As mentioned before, I spent most of my time binge watching TV shows and movies, but also spent it with my family. We celebrated Christmas and New Years with each other, which was great.

The Holidays

On Christmas Eve, my family and I spent it together, chowing down on a mix of Mexican and traditional Christmas food. At midnight, the little ones opened all their presents. Christmas day was spent playing with those presents, making a mess everywhere.

Favorite Christmas Gift

I have 2 gifts that I loved, my Playstation 4 (finally upgraded to next gen) and my new TV. Both together is my dream because movies, shows, and the occasional video game. Definitely spent alot of time with those.


No vacation this year. Most of my family came to Missouri to turn up with us.


Little time was spent on activities over break because I had other things to do (my movies and shows).

Clubs and Activities

I am currently in the Belton Speech and Debate team, which I am the president of. It's one of my favorite things ever, so lots of time is spent on that. I want to be a part of other activities, but alas, not many catch my attention.