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2022-2023 - Finals week updates (12/19)

Principal's Update

This is our final week of the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year. Each class meets only three times this week, with our special finals schedule on Wednesday through Friday. This is a week to reflect on all we have learned and accomplished since August.

Last week we delivered covid tests to all 3rd period classes for students to take home and use after returning from break.

Please remember that our offices will be closed during the break, and school will resume on January 9th.

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Our new learning management system is set up to help you keep track of your child’s progress. Please view this video to see all the features parents/guardians can take advantage of on Canvas including:

1. When the course grade goes below a percentage you choose

2. When your student has a missing assignment

3. Course announcements

CANVAS LMS for Parents

Sixer Shoutouts

Student Shoutout

Justin Le received an award for his entry into the PITSCO Education Christmas Card competition. ~Mr. Jack Aiello, Engineering Teacher, and STEAM Academy Coordinator

Fall Semester Shoutout Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our Fall Semester T-shirt Raffle Winners!

Soufan Abouhmed, Keyra Aguilera, Michelle Ayala, Taison Barbosa, Katie Chan, Debanshu Ghosh, Stephanie Guerrero, Cristina Guizar, Melissa Hernandez, Tehayadora Hildreth, Annie Ho, Huzayfa Khan, Hylam Le, Jane Lee, Ashley Limon, Duong Nguyen, Aylin Ortiz, Petra Parra, Joseline Ramirez, Marco Sanchez, Leenana Shugan, Sophia Stojanov, Sean Tsang, Samatha Varela, Phillip Woodward

For a complete list of *ALL* Fall Semester Shoutout Winners, click HERE!

Our Sixer Staff awarded 154 Sixer Shoutouts this semester! Congratulations to all!

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Our Sixer Values in Action

Our Sixer Staff prepared a special message to all students acknowledging and celebrating our learning throughout the semester! Our students learn so much in and out of the classroom.

IHS Fall Finals Message 2022

To view with Spanish captions, click HERE.

To view with Vietnamese captions, click HERE.

Don’t forget, you can translate all IHS Newsletters via the translation button! Translate our school’s “Celebration of Learning” message into your own language below!

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Dear Students,

Congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished this semester! Over the last few months, through school-wide lessons you’ve learned about time management, personality types, academic resources, and more. Regardless of your grades, you continue to show up and be present. We recognize all the growth you’ve made as an individual. We see you together in community, building each other up and growing in support of one another. Continue to develop the “SIXERS Values,” continue to learn and be a SIXER– Spirited, Innovative, eXtraordinary, Engaged, and Respectful.

To all the adults who support our students at home and at school, thank you for your continued partnership. We see you interpreting, discussing, debating, analyzing, summarizing, and synthesizing! Our campus is becoming more beautiful with our students selecting and caring for and selecting new plants!

We see you choosing to come to the wellness center as part of your journey to being healthier by participating in groups, visiting the calming space, or seeking individual counseling. So many of you have participated in Wellness Wednesday and you have brought friends to the calming center when they needed support. Thank you for joining us and supporting each other.

We have seen you overcome many challenging tasks and learn skills from figuring out how to use equipment, how to move your body properly, and improve your health with daily activity. We see you grinding in the classroom and on your sports team. Keep up the hard work and the passion, and keep getting those Dubs! Good luck!

We see you learning about the world around you as you hypothesize, experiment, and draw conclusions. We see you taking on the challenge of learning a new language. We hear you speaking and pronouncing new sounds. We see you embracing the new culture and making connections with your own. We see you practicing your critical thinking while we discuss the past and present. We have seen you grow from being shy and nervous to being brave enough to try new things.

Be sure to rest and not overwork yourself! Your best is always enough. 76ers, don’t forget. No grade, no final assessment, or final assignment defines you. You do that every single day. Every day is another chance to succeed and redefine yourself. You’ve accomplished so much this semester!!

Congratulations, Sixers, we are incredibly proud of you. We are SIXERS!

Athletics Updates


Spring Sport Athletes: Last Chance Athletic Physicals

1/11/23 in M-34 @ 3:30pm ($20 cash)

Sixer Study Hall Monday (3:45-4:45) in the school library. All are welcome. Contact Coach Carson w/questions

Week of 12/19

Tuesday, 12/20

Sixer Soccer (g) @ Santa Teresa @ 6pm

Sixer Basketball (g) @ Saratoga JV/V @ 5:30/7

Wednesday, 12/21

Sixer Basketball (b) @ Cupertino JV @ 5:30 | V @ 7pm

Thursday, 12/22

Sixer Varsity Basketball (g) vs Milpitas JV @ 5:30 | V @ 7pm

Visit Sixer Athletics for up to date information about athletics! Follow us on Instagram: @indyathletics

Counseling Corner

IHS Counseling Corner Website:

Counseling Office located in N 02

* Applications for FAFSA ( & CADAA ( open October NOW!

* AB 469 - ALL Senior Students must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or the CADAA (California Dream Act Application) and submit on or before March 2nd - Please attend any Cash 4 College Workshops online or for in person assistance on the applications!

* Parents & Students: After School Workshops & In Class Grade Level Presentations:

*12/21 – 12/23 = FINALS

*1/10 – SVCTE Presentation for 10th & 11th interested students 7th period 3 pm in C commons

*1/20 – Grade 12 Presentation for all seniors in Government/Economics classes

*1/23 – Grade 11 Scheduling Presentation for all juniors in US History classes

*1/24 – Grade 10 Scheduling Presentation for all sophomores in PE 2 classes

*1/26 – 9th, 10th, 11th Grade Parent Scheduling Night Presentations via Zoom Time: 6-7pm Zoom link coming!

*1/26 – 12th Grade Parent Financial Aid Night via Zoom Time: 6-7pm Zoom link coming soon!

*1/27 – Grad 9 Scheduling Presentations in all PE 1 classes

* Resources to support your students, especially as they are working on their PIQs and applications for scholarships and studying for their classes.

College and career readiness flier

General posters in English and Spanish

Postcards in English and Spanish

* Upcoming teacher office hours & extra help will take place on February 2nd, March 3rd, March 30th, and May 11th from 8:30 - 9:30 am.

* Our Head Counselor Mrs. Pham is out on maternity leave. Based on the student's last name, students can reach out to the following counselors for assistance in N 02.

A's = Ms. Fernandez & Mr. Hennessey

B's = Ms. Huynh & Ms. Liang

C's = Mr. Ly & Mrs. Marquez

* Together with counseling, Mr. Anthony Garcia ( is our 10,000 Degrees Fellow who assists, supports, and guides our students with financial aid, college, questions, and much more!

* In Office Counselor Hours:

Mr. Thompson Ly: 8:45 am - 4:15 pm

Mr. Mark Hennessey: 8 am - 3:30 pm

Ms. Flor Fernandez: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Ms. Thuy Huynh: 8:15 am - 4 pm

Mrs. Lissenia Marquez: 8:30 am - 4 pm

Ms. Bonnie Liang: 8:15 am - 3:45 pm

Mr. Anthony Garcia: 9 am - 4 pm Tuesdays - Thursdays (10,000 deg.)

Ms. Dalia Cuenca: 8 am - 3:30 pm Mondays & Tuesdays (USF Intern)

Ms. Erin Serrano 8 - 3:30 pm Tuesdays & Thursdays (USF Intern)

Activities Updates

The Annual ASB Talent Show: Friday, January 14th @ 7pm

Ticket sales will be released online and in the ASB Bank for the Annual Talent Show, on Tuesday! We have a jam-packed show for you on the first Friday back from the break! Tickets are $8 and proceeds benefit the IHS Theatre Tech Program.

Yearbooks are going fast! Buy Now! It’s a great holiday gift!

Yearbooks are priced according to a sliding scale, so purchasing earlier guarantees a better price. Right now, yearbook reservations/orders are $70.

Students and parents/guardians can order a yearbook at the school bank (A-06) or visit (enter code 6072) to purchase online. In addition, the YOC offers packages for purchasing advertisement pages to honor graduating seniors and promote local businesses.

For further information, please review the Yearbook Frequently Asked Questions document. Also, purchasing onsite in the school bank will save students a processing fee!

Safety and Attendance

As we enter the last week of the first semester the Safety Team will continue to focus on our attendance. Our goal is to maintain a 95% attendance rate and as noted below our Sixer Community can continue to make positive strides.

Semester Average: 88.25%

December Average: 85.90%

Last Week’s Average: 87.41%

The C-05 team has been diligently working with students, and having parent conferences with students to address attendance and generate a plan to help support and motivate the students to be in class.

We would like to continue to remind SIXERs the importance of being on time, all day, every day is how there is a correlation between attendance and grades.

One way to recoup a FULL DAY absence is by attending Saturday School.

Saturday School

Our first Satruday School of the Second Semester will be on January 21, 2023 in the iCafe.

Saturday School is a way students can recover a FULL day of absence. Saturday School does not excuse excessive tardies.

You may sign up by clicking the following link:

Short Term Independent Studies (STIS)

Please remember that if your student will be absent for 5 days up to 14 days, they may apply for short term independent studies through the C-05. Please have your student come by C-05 to speak with Ms. Vidal or Mr. Salgado regarding the process.


A friendly reminder to parents and students that we are a closed campus. Students should not leave the school grounds during school hours–particularly during breaks and lunch for safety reasons. The Public Library and Overfelt Gardens constitute as off campus as they are not on school grounds.

Student Parking Permits

This is a friendly reminder that if students are driving their car to school, they must fill out a student parking permit application.

The student parking permit application will be completed online. Once the form has been submitted, please bring your driver's license, current motor vehicle registration, and proof of auto insurance to C-05 to receive your parking permit.

The online application can be found here:

The IHS Attendance Office is located in N-01

Attendance Secretary

Naicila Vidal - 408.928.9521

Student last name A - L

Diana Castillo - 408.928.9552

Student last name M-Z

Thao Pham - 408.928.9542

Parent and Community Involvement Corner

As the holidays approach please refer to the academic calendar to support you in the planning of any holiday vacations. As a reminder, vacations are not excuse absences in session days. For further questions please contact your attendance clerk.

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The end of the year and the holiday season, although joyful for some, may stir up difficult emotions for others. Below you will find highlighted resources to support your student and family during this time.

Local Grief Support Resources

HEARD Alliance Resources

Additional Resources

Our Independence Clothes Closet has a number of gently used clothing items. Please reach contact Ms. Maggie in N01 if you are in need of any items (ie…sweaters, jackets, socks)

For any questions or concerns please contact me via email or phone 408.928.9541. Please ensure we have your email so you are able to receive Parent Meetings and school updates. Please complete the Parent Survey by using this link to get your feedback regarding Parent Workshops.
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Metal Health and Wellness

The Mental Health and Wellness Center is located in Room D-05.

Office Closures: The office is closed on Wednesdays from 11:30 until 2:00 pm. If you need support from an adult, please go to C-05, N-1, or N-2 for assistance.

How do I submit a referral?

Students, parents, teachers, and community members may submit a referral for any student at Independence by visiting the link below and filling out a Care Team referral form. A social worker or intern will follow up with the student.

Care Team Referral form:

To Be Honest Mental Health Survey: To Be Honest is a local mental health education program for adolescents and young adults ages 14-25 in Santa Clara County. They want to learn more about what mental health resources and support you need! If you are interested in sharing more about the mental health resources would help you and your peers, please fill out a survey here: To learn more about To Be Honest, visit ToBeHonest.Today

Calming Space: The Calming Space is designed as a space for students who are experiencing stress in class and need a short break to self-regulate. Before students visit the Calming Space, we ask that they check in with their teacher and request a pass. Students may spend 15-20 minutes in the Calming Space; if they need more time, a wellness center staff member will check in to discuss additional resources and support. We ask that students always check in with an adult when they arrive and before they leave the Calming Space, keep their phones away, and that they try at least one station in the space. We have an exercise station, an art station, a reading/writing corner, and a kinesthetic area. Stop by to take a look!

Wellness Center Instagram @indywellness76

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Reporting Line

Independence makes use of the SaySomething Anonymous Reporting System from Sandy Hook Promise. If you, or your student, have a tip to report, you can use the following link, and it will be routed to the appropriate individuals.

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