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This newsletter tries to provide you with resources, articles, tools, and information that may be new to you and hopefully will be useful for you and/or your students in the classroom. The resources are constantly changing, adapting, and improving so each newsletter will include various tools and information discovered through conferences, webinars, magazines, emails, blogs, and whatever else I can get my hands on! If you have any tools or resources that you feel may be beneficial to others please do not hesitate to share them with me so I can pass them along in one of these newsletters.

What May Be New to You!

Google Patent Would Collect Pothole Data Using a Car's GPS

"As reported by Autoblog, Google was awarded a patent that will use the GPS in your car to note the location of potholes and send that data to the cloud. A car's onboard diagnostic port (OBD-II) allows it to collect diagnostics about a vehicle, but this information is usually not aggregated across multiple cars, the patent says. With this technology, a communication device could be embedded in a stereo or radio system, while location would be determined via GPS. A sensor could then be added to the vehicle's shocks, which will monitor and record any instances of the car hitting a pothole-like obstruction in the road."

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26 iOS 9 Tips for Apple Fanatics

"For anyone with the latest iPhones, the jump to iOS 9 is worth it. The following tips and tricks will help you make the most of it. Use this knowledge to become an iPhone (and iPad) master."

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Gmail Now Lets You Block Specific People

"Until now, you could only report an email as spam in Gmail. If you took this action more than once, it would essentially function the same as blocking a sender, but there was no easy way to just block someone with the press of a button....To block someone just press the "More" button right next to Reply (a down arrow on the Web and three vertical dots on Android) and you'll see an option to block that email address."

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I Search! You Search! We All Search with ISearch!

ISearch brings together ALL of the great resources that INFOhio has to offer you, your students, and your district as a whole!

School research just got easier!

Check out iSearch here!


Explora offers a collection of databases selected for PreK-12 educators in Ohio. Includes EBSCO's Academic Search Premier, ERIC, and the Professional Development Collection.

They also offer resources for PreK-12.

PreK-5 - Learn about your favorite subject. Look up words. Read magazines, newspapers, biographies, primary sources, country information. Find pictures. Translate articles into more than 30 languages.

Grades 6-8
-- Learn about your favorite subject. Look up words. Read magazines, newspapers, biographies, primary sources, country information. Find pictures. Translate articles into more than 30 languages.

Grades 9-12 -- Learn more about your favorite subject. Read magazines, newspapers, biographies, primary sources, country information. Find images for class projects and learn vocabulary. Translate articles into more than 30 languages.

Access Explora from INFOhio's website!

Online Internet Safety

INFOhio is pleased to announce that’s EasyTech Online Safety curriculum is available free to all Ohio K-12 public and private schools for the 2015-16 school year, thanks to funding through the Ohio Department of Education.

  • Easy Tech’s Online Safety curriculum exceeds CIPA and E-Rate Internet safety training requirements and makes reporting compliance easy.

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Dropbox Adds Team Features for Non-Biz Accounts

Full article here!

"Small teams can now bring colleagues together, organize projects, and share information faster," the company wrote in a blog post.

Once you create your team, you'll be able to store your documents and collaborate in one central place. You can put all the information everyone needs in the team folder, and each person will automatically have access to these files.

Prezi Templates (FREE)

Take advantage of the free templates that are available from the winners of the Prezi challenge!

Hopscotch School Edition

Hopscotch is releasing a new School Edition that is for teachers and created by teachers! Hopscotch provides your students an avenue to begin practicing coding in the classroom. With simple to use features your students can quickly pick up the beginning stages of coding. Check it out via the link below!


Diigo Web 2.0 Tools Group

Join my Diigo group to gain access to all the 2.0 tools I have found, and bookmarked, over the last few years! A great way to keep up with what's new and what may be of interest to you.