The Ottawa Charter

The Heart Foundation

Build Healthy Public Policy

The heart foundation works to not only encourage healthy food choices, but it also works to promote physical activity. The heart foundation builds a healthy public policy by working closely with schools to run a program called "Jump Rope for Heart". In this program, school students of all ages get together to jump rope and raise money for charity.

Create Supportive Environments

The Heart foundation works on three areas to create supportive environments. These are a persons physical, social and economic environment.

Physical environment:

  • Safe accessible pathways and cycle ways that make the decision to walk or cycle for transport easier.
  • Parks designed for intrinsic appeal, waterways, and trees for shade.
  • Safe environments such as parks and recreation facilities that support increasing preferences for less structures physical activity (example: parks for skateboarding)
  • Facilities at public transport interchanges and in workplaces such as bike racks, showers and lockers.
  • Play equipment, drinking fountains, and shade in parks for children and space for youth
  • Lighting appropriate pedestrians and cyclist and well connected local street with street furniture, shade and signage.

Social Environment:

  • Child care in recreation facilities
  • Clubs and groups established to provide social support to the individual participant
  • Safe, accessible and appealing public spaces

Economic Environment:

  • Local amenities and shops that can be easily reached on foot by bicycle or using public transport
  • A mix of land uses and flexible use of public buildings
  • Crime prevention through urban design techniques

Strenghen Community Action

The heart foundation have developed a number of community groups that work to support the people living in that area. The heart foundation has developed a low-to-moderate intensity exercise program called Heartmoves, which is designed for people who are living with health conditions.

Develop Personal Skills

The Heart foundation works to develop personal skills in people through education. They provide education for everyone and their information can be easily accessed by a number of ways.

  • Television
  • Local Newspapers
  • Community service radio announcements
  • bulletin boards
  • posters
  • Newsletters (both in the workplace and school)
  • Flyers

The Heart foundation can also help you plan a program to improve your life style and reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. They are able to help you:

  • Plan exercise activities into daily routines
  • Help set specific goals for physical activity
  • getting you involved with a partner group

Re-Orient Health Services

The Heart foundation have developed a tick program to help re-oriantat health services. They have looked at thousands of commonly purchased food items and have put them too the test. Products which are healthy options have had one of their iconic and eye catching ticks placed on the packaging. This is aimed to make choosing the right foods easier.