The Confessions of a Shopaholic


Don't you just see that pair of designer black shoes and want to grab them and make them yours? The great feeling of swiping just one card, and getting heaven in your hands, like the whole world is yours. It's perfect, but only for a moment.
One day your standing at the counter and search through your entire bag for a card and you swipe it, but it's restricted, so you take the item and wish to pay for it later, with cash or card, along with interest, which is called credit. You set a date that you wish to pay for the item, but never can, because you are in such a debt, due to other credits, that any loan, credit or favour is unpayable.


Taking credit and being in debt are the easiest ways to fall into bankruptcy. The LIVING NIGHTMARE of all shopaholics. Being restricted to pay for that silken top that you have been staring at through the window for the past week. Being unable to pay back loans, credit and debt will always stop you from getting to sleep.
It's not easy to pay back the bank while the Debt Collection company are 'stalking' you every moment. You can see those mannequins waving at you as they show off their stylish dresses, and when you walk in, they come to greet you, and you can't do anything but say bye and walk out of the shop EMPTY HANDED. Once you get into the habit of taking credit, it's difficult to pay back. You end up buying so much, you have no count of how much money you have left and how much you owe.
Imagine that green scarf around your neck, swaying in the wind. IMAGINE it. But you can't experience it if you take credit. The bank will annoy you everyday when they call on your mobile phone to tell you about your financial status and what you owe to what people.

How can you prevent falling into bankruptcy?

Save and Spend. Control your spending. Make an attempt to find a more affordable alternative. Sure it would be nice to have your feet sink into the soft soles of the $200 Louis Vuitton shoes but that sensation will only last for a few minutes because the uncomfortable thought of the credits and debts you have to repay is the only thing that’s going to be running in your mind.

Make a fair budget and stick to it. Believe me, this will help. Know your limits on how much to spend before you go out to spend. If you know you only have $150 to use on clothing, you are less likely to invest into an outfit worth $350. This will relieve your shoulders from carrying high debts. Try not using up every cent you set aside for spending, SAVE AS YOU SPEND.

Control yourself. Be honest with yourself and ask whether you really need it or if it’s just another desire. Don’t listen to those mannequins. They are there to trick you. It’s all an act.

Last but not least, FOLLOW THIS GUIDE. It is guaranteed to make you happier. You will finally get a good nights sleep. It will be the best feeling of your life to own something without constantly having to worry about the cost.

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