Banksmeadow PS Staff Bulletin

Term 4 Week 2, 12th - 16th October


Monday 12th October

9am Morning Assembly

9-11:30am Ben Mtg with Director at Riverwood Office

2-3pm Rebecca Andrews Mtg (Roxanne & Ben)

PAVe Survey - Year 4 (Brendan has details)

Preschool Play Date

7-9pm P&C Meeting

Tuesday 13th October

8:15am - LST Meeting

9-11am - Public Speaking in Hall

12-3pm - Deadly Kids Awards @ UTS (Ben)

3:15 - TPL (Formative Assessment - Brendan & Annie delivering)

Year 5 PAVe Survey (Brendan has details)

Wednesday 14th October

8:15am - Exec Meeting

12:00 Assembly

Kids Into Kindy

Thursday 15th October

8:15am - Staff Meeting

Helene begins LSL (Returns 9th November)

Preschool Play Date

4-7pm PEN East & Central Conference (Annie, Brendan & Ben)

Friday 16th October

PSSA begins

8:30am - AP Special Ed Panel - Interviews

Visible Learning PL - Thank You

I want to thank everyone for your attendance and participation in the Visible Learning TPL on Saturday. I also want to thank you for your flexibility to move our last SDD to a more productive time.

I had high hopes for Saturday and I wasn't disappointed. I hope you all got something positive out of the PL too. For me, it confirmed that we are moving in the right direction in a number of our School Planning Projects. As I listened on Saturday, I could hear a number of other worthwhile projects that we are undertaking resonate through Hattie's research... Positive Ed, Curriculum Differentiation, Collaborative Learning, Student Tracking and Reflective Practices to name a few. This was very reassuring that we are on the right track in terms of maximising student learning at BPS.

The next step will be to organise the large volume of info we received, process it and look at milestoning some strategies that may be worth implementing and evaluating in our school.

Thank You

On Wednesday we had our Preschool Orientation Evening, and while we would have hoped for more parents to be there, those in attendance were very fortunate to have experienced an exceptionally well-run and informative session. I'd like to thank Roxanne, Elizabeth, Kathy, Elisha, Mona, Lisa & Monica for your preparation, presentation and time that you dedicated to our new families. When I congratulated the parents on choosing Banksmeadow Preschool for their children, I meant it. Well done to all :)

Upcoming Events

Week 3

Monday 19th October - Swim Scheme begins (Yrs 2-3), Preschool Play Date

Wednesday 21st October - Kids Into Kindy, Stage 3 Camp begins

Thursday 22nd October - Preschool Play Date, Stage 3 Camp

Friday 23rd October - Stage 3 Camp ends

Saturday 24th October - School Fete

Week 4

Monday 26th October - Swim Scheme Week 2 (Yrs 2-3), Preschool Play Date

Wednesday 28th October - Kids Into Kindy, Koori Art Registration, Band Assembly

Thursday 29th October - Souths Cares Stage 3

Friday 30th October - Koori Art Drop-Off Deadline