Calling All Gamers

Are you a Seattle University Gamer? Help us serve you!

What we're looking for

Hello gamers! One of our graduate students, Nik Bowen, is looking for Redhawk Gamers to be interviewed for his class project on gamer identity. This research will also help Student Activities better serve Gamers in the future. We are also offering a $5 gift card to participants for their help.

Please contact Nik at if you are interested or have questions about participating. He is looking to interview people the week of May 4th. If you know other Gamers at SU, please forward this opportunity to them.

More details about the research

We are looking for 5 participants to be interviewed for 1 hour. Participants will be chosen first come first served with consideration based on varying interests and involvements on campus, in order to capture various experiences.

The interview will be recorded and transcribed under the participants chosen pseudonym, in order to protect participant identities. The transcription and final report will be made available upon request.

The final report will contain an analysis of the gamer experience at SU, recommendation of improvement to serving this student identity, and transcripts. This report will only be shared with members of the class as well as Student Activities staff.

Meet the researcher

Nik Bowen is a graduate student in the Student Development Administration program. He too is a gamer that loves LOL, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Mass Effect, and lots of other indie games. On the left is Nik at Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)