War Horse

By Michael Morpurgo


In the beginning of War Horse, Joey was with his mother for a moment but she was sold right away. Joey was then auctioned to a old man. He was taken to a farm where he was taken care of a young boy. The family was very poor and couldn't afford Joey. Albert took care of Joey very well. One day Albert woke up to find Joey was gone. Albert's father had taken joey and sold him off to the Army. Albert was upset, but they promised to take well-care-of Joey.

Joey went through many adventures, after a while with war he and Topthorn (Joey's friend horse) went into/brought into a small farm. They were found by a young girl named Emilie, she told her grandfather about them and fed the horses well. They took great care of the two horses. Emilie's grandfather didn't allow Emilie to ride horses because she could get very injured. She convinced her grandfather to let her ride and she rode Joey. That's when an army came to take the two horses. Her grandfather was worried because the hill was pretty high and she was on the other side of it. They took the horses and went on. Topthorn was killed in war, later in the story.

Near the end, Emilie's grandfather had bought Joey. Albert had just finally found Joey again. Albert and Emilie's grandfather talked for a while and made a deal. The deal was that Albert was to spread the word about Emilie, since people didn't really know her, and then he'd get Joey back. Albert did as he was told. They were back at the farm at last. Albert had gotten married and it ended at that point.

What I'd Rate the Book

I'd rate this book a nine. I rate it a nine because I am a horse lover myself, but I also like most of the story and all of Joey's adventures. This book is one of my favorite books I have read.


About The Author

Michael Morpurgo

Michael was born October 5, 1943. He started out as a children's book writer and then came up with the book War Horse. He has three children of his own and is married to Claire Morpurgo. He was a Booksellers Association Author in 2005 because of his writing. Michael is still currently living, as a 70 year old man.