A guide to Blow Molding Machines

Blow molding:

Blow molding is a process of manufacturing in which parts of hollow plastic are created. In the general perspective, there are 3 dimensions of the process of blow molding. These include blow molding, injection stretch blow molding and injection blow molding. The process of blow molding starts off with melting the plastic down in the form of a consistent liquid type substance. Then it is formed in to a parison. In case of injection stretch blow molding ISB or injection molding, the molten plastic is formed in to a preform. The parison may be explained as a plastic piece, shaped liked a tube having an opening at one of the ends so that compressed air may pass through it.

Later on, the parison is fastened in to a mold and then some air is blown in to it. The pressure of the air pushes out the plastic to match the shape of the mold. After carrying out this process, the plastic is left to cool down. Once it cools down, it gets hardened. The mold then opens up and the part gets ejected. These latest and advanced techniques are a result of evolution in the ancient skill of blowing the glass.

Blow molding machine:

A blow molding machine carries out the whole above mentioned procedure of blow molding. It is commonly and widely used in a number of different commercial beverages productions. A plastic bottle is created using a blow molding machine by following a recipe. For instance, the capacity and other measurements of the bottle to be created are specified. The components of the blow molding machine include electronic and mechanical instruments, a logic controller that is reprogrammable and a variety of molds.

Blow molding machine is available in a number of different varieties with different features and functionalities. There are manual, semi automatic and automatic machines which are used to mold different types of plastic bottles and other stuff.

Fully automatic blow molding machine:

Fully automatic blow molding machine are normally used for production of handled bottles. They are fully automated and highly intelligent. They have a stable functionality and are highly efficient. High quality bottles can be produced using these machines. Some of the high end features of fully automatic blow molding machines include fully automated system of handle unscrambling, automated devices of handle loading, easy operation with the help of a high end human machine interactive control, preform hopper, stable revolution and rotation of preform and automatic preform loading. They also have an impeccable heating system and the space is pretty well enclosed. So you don’t have to worry about any kind of contaminations which may spoil the product in any way.

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