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March 22, 2020

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Father, during these uncertain times, we are thankful that you are the light of our world. Help us to rest and live in your light during these uncertain times.
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Thank you for the many handmade cards, emails and cookies that were brought in. This was very much appreciated by all

To Our Community

There's no easy way to say it: Life is a little overwhelming right now. You feel it. We feel it. Everyone feels it.

Our world has changed so much this last week. Each day has seemed like a month to me. As a school, we packed up everyone's belongings, disinfected every classroom, participated in professional development and began many conversations and working groups about online learning. Our staff is prepared to go online tomorrow with lessons. Please note the skill and confidence level of each staff member in regards to online learning does vary. However, we are confident as a staff that we will support each other. As a staff community, we will be meeting daily online to discuss the next steps.

All teachers and educational assistants are now working from home. The only staff in the building is our Secretary Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Hample our Head Caretaker and the Administration Mrs. Lindbeck and myself.

I can tell you, that every staff member, no matter what their role, truly miss your children. It was very lonely around the school without children. Seeing all of their supplies lined up in the MPR was sad for us. We are looking forward to their return one day.

Please check your email for direction from your teacher. Your child's teacher's goal tomorrow is to deliver their first lesson. Moreover, they need to ensure that they have confirmed connection with each family. Please check your email, if you have not heard from your child's teacher. Check-in with your child's teacher tomorrow if you have not done so yet.

The majority of teachers are using google classroom as the platform to launch lessons from. Also, please email your teacher if you are having any issues and we will help. We also purchased a school-wide license for Mathletics, a numeracy program tied to the Alberta Curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 4. Your teacher will email you login information. Moreover, every Monday morning, I will be doing a virtual prayer and birthday announcements for the week.

The landscape changes daily, the Minister of Education delivered a message on Friday morning at 10:00 am with expectations for our teachers. Please note what the Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange has directed that affects our school:

How is this going to work?

How well are students going to be able to learn at-home?

What subjects will be covered/taught?

Teachers are currently evaluating what has not yet been covered in their classes and will prioritize remaining learning outcomes based on what is manageable for students learning at home.

Teachers will plan specific tasks and projects to help students learn while in-school classes are cancelled. Content delivery for each grade is broken down as follows:

Early Childhood Services programs:

Essential outcomes, including literacy and numeracy.

Goals, supports, and services outlined in Individual Program Plans (IPPs)

Kindergarten-Grade 3

Education content will focus on language/literacy and mathematics/numeracy outcomes of the provincial curriculum

Teachers will assign an average of five hours of work per student per week and will be expected to work with their students and parents on the delivery of these materials.

Grades 4-6

Education content will continue to focus on language/literacy and mathematics/numeracy outcomes and there will be opportunities to incorporate science and social studies outcomes through cross-curricular learning.

Teachers will assign an average of five hours of work per student per week and will be expected to work with their students and parents on the delivery of these materials.

This direction from the Minister of Education seems very reasonable for our staff at this point. Please note you will also see Religion in your child's course work, as prayer and faith are interwoven throughout our school day.

If you need help please contact your child's teacher or the school directly.

Please stay healthy safe, breathe and pray.

Thank you,

Mrs. Karen Antoniuk

Use of Technology and Sensitivity

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Please be aware that any videos, pictures or other instructional content shared with you are for instructional purposes only within your home and your child. These are not to be re-shared to other platforms or individuals.

Your cooperation with regard to this is much appreciated

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Access to Strathcona Public Library

To support student reading during the interruption of regular classes, you may want to consider connecting with our local public library to access electronic books to extend learning and for reading pleasure.

Although the library buildings are closed as part of the public health precautions, their rich collection of ebook resources is always open.

Many families will already have memberships, but for those who do not, the information required to obtain membership privileges is included in the following link.

Easter Fundraiser --> Staying OPEN Due to PARENT REQUESTS

If you’d like to support us through purchasing some very sweet Easter gifts for friends, family and yourself, please click the link below: UNTIL MARCH 27

After you’ve signed in you can buy these amazing chocolates or invite others to join and support our Fundraising Campaign.


Thank you so much!

School Council

Hot Lunch

Hello Madonna Hot Lunch Families

With the suspension of in-school classes, we also have to suspend the HOT LUNCH PROGRAM. We were able to successfully complete 3 of the scheduled 12 hot lunch meals, or 25%. Therefore we will be reimbursing families for the remaining 75% of the cycle.

Anyone who paid via Bambora will receive their payment onto the same card that was used. Anyone who paid cash or cheque will be paid via e transfer (in order to reduce the chances of viral transmission) If e-transfer is not possible please let us know by replying to the email sent to you by the Hot Lunch Committee. We will make exceptions on a case by case basis. These refunds will be processed in the upcoming weeks. We will endeavor to return your money to you as quickly as possible, but this will take time.

Thank you for your understanding. As always we are extremely grateful for your support of our hot lunch program. We know this has affected each family of our school community and we look forward to seeing you and your children's smiling faces when we resume hot lunch in September.

Please click the OLPH Parish Button and you can access their website for virtual Mass and Adoration