Ghost Of Graylock

By: Dan Poblocki


This book is about 4 kids named Neil, Bree, Wesely, and Eric. They go to a place named Graylock hall and explore the dark abandoned place. When they come back they have the same strange stuff coming up, such as creepy nightmares and finding the lake weed in their bathtub the same as the lake by Graylock, so now they are all trying to figure out why and how this is happening.


What i found powerful in this book is the part when Wesely was showing Neil how if you try hard enough you can see a face and how Neil saw it blinking back too him. And i thought this was powerful because it gave suspense of the story showing how you can acutally see a face in random space. In conclusion, this book so far is very suspensful and i recommend it to any who loves mystery or suspense.